iOS 16 Error: iOS 16 Update Has Error! iPhone Users Report Unwanted “Allow Paste” Prompt, Apple Responds

Shortly after Apple released its new system update, iOS 16, many users around the world reported an error in the “Copy and Paste” prompt. The new update rolled out on September 12, days after Apple launched its new iPhone 14 series during its Far Out event.

Several iPhone users have reported encountering strange behavior on their Apple smartphones after the iOS 16 update rolled out which issues a notification alert, asking permission to paste copied content from clipboard every time while using the tool. ‘Do you want to allow this?’ It is the prompt that appears on the screen every time the user tries to paste content copied from the clipboard.

Many found it annoying because the OS shouldn’t push a prompt asking for permission to paste when that’s exactly the command the iPhone user chose. The permission prompt should appear when an app tries to read the content in the clipboard without user interaction. The Allow Paste error turns the copy and paste feature into a tedious task for users.

Shortly after thousands of iPhone users around the world began reporting the error, Apple’s chief executive, Ron Huang, addressed the matter in a complaint he filed.
Mac rumors Reader Kiran.

In his response to the email, Huang accepted the erratic behavior reported after the iOS 16 update is indeed a bug and the prompt should not appear every time a user tries to paste any content onto the device.

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The Cupertino-based tech company is currently beta testing iOS 16.1. The new iOS 16 comes packed with all-new customization features to make calling a seamless experience for users. The software update allows users to customize their lock screen by displaying their favorite pictures and customizing font styles.

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If you own an Apple device, there is good news for you. iOS 16 is finally available. Apple began rolling out updates on Monday, September 12th. The new update will be available on iPhone 8 and above. Check out some of the cool new features in this video.

iOS 16 will also give users the option to choose which widgets they want to display on their screen.

iOS 16 is here, custom lock screen and revamped Siri are among the best features

iOS 16 is here, custom lock screen and revamped Siri are among the best features

A few days after the “Far Out” event, Apple released a major update for the iPhone. iOS 16 has many features. Find out what’s new.