iPhone 14 battery charging speed is faster than Apple specs say

the first iPhone 14 battery life tests They are already here, and they revealed that the iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 offer excellent battery life. The Pro Max may not beat its predecessor, and the iPhone 14 Plus isn’t available for testing yet. But there is Ways to Increase iPhone 14 Battery Life, especially on Pro models. Also, it was discovered that Apple’s new iPhones support faster charging speeds than the maximum 20W that Apple advertises, especially the Pro and Pro Max.

iPhone 14 models do not ship with a charger in the box, just like their predecessors. The idea here is that most people probably already own at least one charger that can recharge a phone. Any charger works, including the 5W model that’s been shipped with iPhones for years.

However, the iPhone 14 series supports 20W fast charging, a feature that has been available since the iPhone 8/X series. You are good to go if you have a USB-C charger that supports at least 20W. The phone’s capacity will reach 50% in about 30 minutes. This is great for quickly replenishing the battery when necessary, although iPhone battery charging speeds are lackluster compared to some Android phones.

Battery life estimates: iPhone 14 Pro Max vs. iPhone 14 Pro vs. iPhone 14. Image source: Apple company

iPhone 14 Pro Max battery charging speeds tested

Charging speeds exceeded 100W on some Android phones. But the health of the battery may be affected as a result. That’s why Apple doesn’t go above 20 watts, at least not officially. Not even on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, which have a lot of capabilities not available on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus.

but, Just like iPhone 13 Pro MaxiPhone 14 Pro Max supports faster charging speeds than Apple advertises.

newly discovery from ZhongDiantou Show that the iPhone 14 Pro Max will go up to 29W if you use the Apple charger that comes with your 12-inch MacBook.

All other chargers capable of speeds above 20W will have an average charge rate of 25W to 27W. Practically any USB-C charger that supports speeds of at least 30W will pull it off, not just original Apple chargers.

This also means that any MacBook charger you might own can recharge your iPhone 14 Pro Max at speeds in excess of 20W. You’ll still need the USB-C to Lightning cable that came with your iPhone to do this.

The video below is from Charger Lab Shows the fastest charging speeds for iPhone 14 Pro Max. iPhone 14 Pro offers similar performance, according to a different blog from ZhongDiantou. But speeds go up to an average of 25 watts for the regular Pro model.

Don’t forget about battery health!

In the end, you are only looking at marginal speed gains here. Peak charging times will not last the life of the phone. But it can be useful during battery emergencies when power is already low.

Also, if you’re charging your iPhone 14 Pro Max overnight with a wired or wireless charger, and Enhanced Battery Charging is enabled, speed doesn’t really matter. You have overnight to recharge, and the process will stop at 80%. Then resume before you get up in the morning.

Come to think of it, slower speed rates may be better for battery health, especially if combined with improved charging.

Finally, there are plenty of other tips and tricks to increase battery life on your iPhone 14 and make sure you don’t need a faster charger.

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