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video The iPhone 14 holds a secret that’s very problematic: Its internals have been redesigned to make it more repairable, says iFixit.

The excessive use of glue and solder is over . Kyle Wiens CEO of iFixit said in his book iPhone 14 Disassembly Report. Instead, Wiens said, the iPhone 14 features a butterfly-style design with a pop-up display and back panel that can be removed with nothing but a single pair of screws, as you can see below.

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Wiens said the iPhone 14’s design is a “dramatic rethinking” of Apple’s flagship that suggests right-to-repair advocates have scored another victory against Apple, a long-standing opponent of the self-repair movement. but the Legislative tide Spin and Apple see in which direction the wind is blowing.

“This design improvement is a huge win. These changes to the iPhone will help it last longer and reduce its overall impact on the planet. With any luck, they will inspire other manufacturers to follow suit. It has paid off. We’ve convinced Apple’s design team that the fix is ​​important,” Wiens said in his deconstructed message.


iPhone 14 open back panel; Kyle Wiens / iFixit

In addition to a butterfly slot and shifting components to the device’s center panel, the iPhone 14 has an easier time removing adhesives and eliminating ground seams in favor of “electromagnetic interference fingers” that spread electromagnetic interference across the back panel. Wiens gave the iPhone 14 a repairability score of 7/10, the highest iFixit score for the phone since the Series 8 five years ago.

However, the hardware isn’t perfect, as Apple appears to adhere to the parts pairing restrictions that require the activation of newly added iPhone components with Apple to make it work properly. This makes third-party parts out of the question and ensures that Apple keeps the money flowing.

Nary a keynote peep

Apple didn’t mention the iPhone’s interior redesign on its site Announcement event earlier this month, which Wiens said is surprising given the minimal excitement about the changed 14 series.

“Why isn’t Tim Cook bragging about the possibility of a fix? We had no idea this was coming, because Apple never mentioned it. But they should,” Wiens said. For reference, Samsung hasn’t changed the interior of its devices since 2015, while Apple’s change is the biggest since the X series, Wiens said.

The reason for Apple’s silence about a new design that can easily be fixed may lie in the fact that although Apple has praised repairability, it still wants to retain control itself. Giving up a big profit center for business will not be announced.

Apple opened a file Self Service Machine Repair Shop for the iPhone 12, 13 and SE in April of this year, but critics of the right to repair were quick to point out how Apple uses the pairing parts Force Apple users to continue their service for components.

This could mean that while the iPhone 14 is more repairable, Apple still hopes to drop by the Genius Bar for repairs rather than go to it alone, and there’s no better way to shrink the repair queue than with a simpler, faster device for everyone — including Apple Technologies – To Fix It.

We’ve reached out to Apple to find out more about the reason for the redesign, and when iPhone 14 components will arrive at the self-repair shop, but have not received a response. ®