Katana from Splatoon 3 turns my squid into a ninja, that’s the rule

A Squidling uses Splatana, and reads to fend off all who oppose them.

Pose before drawing enemies.
picture: nintendo

Splatoon 3 Filled with a variety of colorful weapons. From Slasher guns to me Bathtub Paint BucketsNintendo ink has no shortage of character, especially when it comes to your choice of paint spray equipment. But despite all the distinct characteristics that each weapon offers, there is one that has been essential from the start, and that is the Splatana, Splatoon 3It’s an ink sword that’s very effective when you break from it.

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The tangled It is a new weapon class introduced in Threequel. So far, there are only two types: mop And the Close ofthe former can be purchased at level 5 and the latter at level 15. Think of these sword-like weapons as something like Ichigo Kurosaki’s Zangetsu from whitening Or Tetsusaiga Inuyasha. That is, if you were as young as me, you would probably scream “Getsuga Tenshou” or ‘wind scar’ when using it. By tapping ZR, you’ll do quick horizontal strikes that shoot blade waves, slamming into the ground right in front of you and doing some pretty low damage. Pressing ZR directs the attack and throws a large vertical blade wave in front of you, dealing massive damage. It’s not the best option for achieving the game’s goal – draw as much lawn as possible in a short period of time – but splatana plays a different and more exciting role: it’s a killer tool.

See, one of Splatana’s greatest strengths isn’t her inking abilities, but rather her ability to kill. Wiper, for example, can darken a squid with about three to four quick attacks and two charged attacks. Meanwhile, Stamper destroys people in two quick attacks and one charged attack, with phase transitions across the slain target. So, if you’re good at maximizing momentum while swimming through ink – especially with new navigation options like squid roll—You can easily get rid of unsuspecting players, and waste them like squid ninjas before they disappear back into the ink. You don’t even have to have the best goal to split the fools either. As long as you are close to your enemy, you are very likely to get this kill.

A squidling is slashing the air with the Splatana, probably hoping to get a kill offscreen.

Take this! Backlash Paint!
Image: Nintendo

That said, a big drawback of the Splatana is its low ink reserves. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried assassinating an opponent, jumping off a ledge like an Assassin’s Creed protagonist, only to get killed because my weapon was outta freakin’ paint. Of course, shifting into a squid and swerving through the ink replenishes your supply, but the Splatana is a kill weapon first and foremost. It’s not an objective weapon. If you attempt to do both, you’ll just end up dead with no ink before you can recover. In that way, it’s best used for reconnaissance, infiltrating enemy territory to take out a few hapless suckers in the back while the rest of your team does the painting for you.

It’s this exhilarating juxtaposition that I love about the Splatana. It reminds me of my fave ninja games like Tenchu, in which you’re highly capable of killing…and of getting killed. A glass cannon, if you will. I’ll be the first to admit I’m awful at shooters largely because my keratoconus impacts my accuracy, so I’ve never been the best at getting kills. However, with the Splatana serving as an assassin’s implement, a weapon designed for people who like to hit and run, I regularly get double-digit kills. I can’t say I always win—people forget to ink the base and the game’s online sucks—but I feel gratified knowing I at least gave my team a fighting chance by sneaking into the enemy’s backline.

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Splatoon 3 She’s a lot of fun, and Splatana does some pretty intense skirmishes. It’s a powerful weapon that cuts opposition to ribbons in the blink of an eye even though it doesn’t contain as much ink as the other options in the game. I’m fond of catnip, even though I make it work, even if I sometimes struggle with the process. Best I think I’ll be back, chasing in paint, waiting to be beaten.