Killstreaks ‘Modern Warfare 2’ roster

modern war 2 Now available as a demo for players to get a taste of the new game. Multiple modes and maps are available, as well as some Killstreaks that will be included at launch. Killstreaks is an important thing to keep in mind while playing, as they can easily turn the tide of a match.

There are many Killstreaks to choose from modern war 2, but you will only be able to bring three matches with you. You’ll want to take the time to try each of them, and know that not all Killstreaks are effective on certain maps. From bomb drones to the dreaded juggernaut, activating Killstreaks is a great way to increase kills and get the upper hand over your opponents.

To help you decide which Killstreaks to use Call of duty: modern war 2You will find a full list in this guide. We’ll then give some tips on the best Killstreaks to use, depending on the map and mode you’re playing.

Killstreaks ‘Modern Warfare 2’ roster

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Credit: Infinity Ward.

There are currently 19 different Killstreaks available in modern war 2. You’ll only be able to equip three, so it’s very important to get a feel for each person’s strengths and weaknesses before heading into the match. Here is the complete list of Modern Warfare Killstreaks:

  • Drones – 3 kills / 500 points
  • Drone bomb – 4 kills / 500 points
  • drone counter – 5 kills / 625 points
  • care package – 5 kills / 625 points
  • block mine – 5 kills / 625 points
  • precise air strike – 6 kills / 750 points
  • programmed missiles 6 kills / 750 points
  • Mortar strike – 6 kills / 750 points
  • SAE – 7 kills / 875 points
  • guard gun – 7 kills / 875 points
  • VTOL aircraft – 8 kills / 1000 points
  • Overwatch Hello – 8 kills / 1000 points
  • Wheelson-HS – 8 kills / 1000 points
  • secret bomber – 10 kills / 1250 points
  • artillery helicopter – 10 kills / 1250 points
  • Emergency airdrop – 10 kills / 1250 points
  • warship – 12 kills / 1500 points
  • Advanced UAVs – 12 kills / 1500 points
  • juggernaut – 15 kills / 1875 points

You’ll notice that Killstreaks require either killing or scoring to unlock. When you select Killstreaks, you can find a switch to toggle between killings and logging in the lower left part of the screen. Make sure to select Killstreaks before heading into the match, as you won’t be able to change them once the match starts.

Best Killstreaks to Use in Modern Warfare 2

Drone bomb in the list of Killstreaks
Credit: Activision

Before we start, it’s worth noting that the best Killstreaks to use often depend on the map and mode you’re playing in Modern Warfare 2. For example, maps like Breenbergh Hotel are mostly found inside, with rooftops covering buildings. The majority of players will be covered from above, so sending missiles like a cruise missile would probably be ineffective. Consider the map you’re playing on before choosing a Killstreak.

Likewise, modes can have an impact on the Killstreaks you want to enter. Modes that prioritize targets may not allow you to get as many kills as possible, so you’ll want to select previous Killstreaks, and think more about scenarios where you can get 3 kills before you die.

With that in mind, here are the best Killstreaks we found while playing it modern war 2 In beta:

  • Drone bomb – This controllable drone shoots a beam of C4 at enemies. This is especially useful in confined spaces, and is an easy way to get multiple kills with one grenade. We’ve found the drone to be the most reliable Killstreak, as it basically guarantees a kill.
  • guard gun – The new maps have a lot of killing lanes that enemies will always pass through at some point during the match. Setting up guard towers that cover these crowded areas is a great way to get multiple kills and to help identify enemies while completing objectives. Consider placing one in the center of the Mercado Las Almas steel kill map.
  • artillery helicopter – Chopper Gunner has always been an absolute beast, letting you earn kills passively while still earning kills on the ground. Chopper Gunner will identify the enemies and surround them from the air, it is very difficult to counter them.

Leviathan appears on the Killstreaks page
Credit: Activision

While these are all great options for the best Killstreaks to use for them modern war 2Nothing beats experiencing yourself. Try mixing Killstreaks between matches, and find what works best for you. An honorable mention is the emergency airdrop, which drops three random kills for your team to use. This is clearly a dice roll, but if all goes well, it can really change the rules of the game. Try it next time you play!

That’s all available in Killstreaks format modern war 2. To learn more about the game, be sure to check out Modern War Weapon List Guide.

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