Knocknagree beats Bill Athen Gorthead to reach the last four at SAFC

Knocknagree 1-14 Belgorty 0-14

KNOCKNAGREE’s win at Bon Secours SAFC continues after a giant battle with Béal Ath’n Gaorthai in an exciting quarter-final at Millstreet.

In the trap of winning on the streak, Duhallow deserved a spot in the penultimate hurdle against Clyda Rovers thanks to a fruitful opening game that yielded impressive results. However, by the hour’s end, Knocknagree had undergone research scrutiny from Comórtas Peil holders, but their more consistent play made the difference.

From a fast-paced showdown, Knocknagree was fast on his way with lead points to Fintan and David O’Connor. Although Gaeltacht’s men opened their accounts with an impressive score from Ben Seartan, Knocknagree has gained an advantage in the key areas with Kealan Buckley, Daniel O’Mahony, Michael Mahoney, David O’Connor and Michael McSweeney as role models.

Up front, Knocknagree performed excellently with a string of points, their case solidified in the 18th minute, and good work by Mahoney saw Fintan O’Connor’s gunner swerve into the net by Michéal Doyle.

Biel Othen, who trailed by seven points, needed to respond and they did so from flags to Seamus Twama, Chertan and Diarmuid McTomais to cut the 1-9 break to 0-7 in the second half.

Béal Ath’n Gortaidh’s Ben Chertin is about to win the ball against Knocknagree at Bon Secours SAFC in Millstreet. Photo: John Tarrant

At the start of the second half, Knocknagree added to his point tally by Dennis O’Connor before Béal Áth’n boosted his performance, bolstered by strong play from Eanna Ó Duinnín, Conchúir Ó Loingsigh and substitute Leonard Concher.

Despite the low scoring rate, Béal th’n traits began to emerge, allowing two turnovers for O Loingsigh and Andrias Ó Coinceannáin to grind out three points in a row to reduce the arrears to a minimum 1-11 to 0-13.

Under cosh, Knocknagree answered with points to David O’Connor and McSweeney to try and sandwich Seartan’s effort. As tension and excitement escalated, Béal Áth’n missed opportunities with efforts that fell wide from balls or underestimated Knocknagree goalkeeper Patrick Doyle.

In fact, Knocknagree seemed more clear going forward, with McSweeney and Michéal Doyle handing over the points. Béal th’n asked for a goal to earn a reprieve, they came raiding in injury time, but in Knocknagree’s favour, their defense came with the answers to send a clear warning to the remaining competitors.

Scorers for Knocknagree: M Doyle 1-1, F O’Connor 0-4 (0-3 F), Dennis O’Connor 0-3, David O’Connor 0-2, J. Looney, M. Dilworth, M. McSweeney, N. O’Connor 0-1 each.

Bill Athengaworthy: B Sheartan 0-4 (0-2 f), A Ó Coincannáin 0-4 f, C Ó Loingsigh, D Mac Tomáis 0-2 each, S Ó Tuama, L Ó Conchúir 0-1 each.

Nok Nagri: P Doyle M Doyle, Buckley K, O’Connor J; Cooper, Dee; Omhoney, Mahoney; Moynihan, D. O’Connor; P O’Connor, M. Dilworth, J. Looney; Dennis O’Connor, M. McSweeney, N. O’Connor.

Subs: J Dennehy for F O’Connor (44), E McSweeney for D Moynihan (56), T O’Connor for N O’Connor (58).

Balgorti: D O’Coll; J Ó Donnchú, E Ó Dunnín, C Ó Nunáin; C O’Dunnín, M O’Riordáin, L O’Cridáin; A Ó Coincannáin, C Ó Loingsigh; S.O. Tuama, Sheartan, L. Sheartan; Macthomas, P. Chertan, D. Ucilagan.

Subs: L Ó Conchúir for D Ó Ceallacháin (ht), S Ó Luasa for L Sheartan (40), A Ó Loingsigh for M Ó Riordáin (42), E Ó Coill for C Ó Dunnín (56).

Rule: B O’Driscoll (Pride Rovers).