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A somber and secluded silhouette in black opened Paul Costello’s Spring-Summer 23 show, one of many designers paying tribute to the Queen at London Fashion Week.

Costelloe, who was worn by many members of the royal family from Princess Diana To Zara Philips and Sarah Ferguson, tell Sky News the queen She was a great inspiration for British fashion, especially her use of colour.

“I think she’s always been wearing cool colors,” the 77-year-old said.

Designer Paul Costello has dressed up many members of the royal family

“As an Irishman, we kind of look at the monarchy from a different point of view, and we respect her very much, especially her.

“I think some of these colors on the show pretty much by sheer coincidence reflect their sense of color, grey, yellow, red, deep orange.

“I loved the positive colors and thank you, thank you Queen for wearing such great colors,” he smiled.

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While the frivolous nature of fashion may seem out of step at the moment, like King Charles Wearing his mother’s shoes, he follows in the footsteps of the Queen who, perhaps better than anyone else, understood the power of an image.

Her style has not only been an inspiration to British fashion, but has helped cement her position as a global icon and her role in shaping the image of the British brand.

London Fashion Week honors the Queen
London Fashion Week kicks off with a nation in mourning

So perhaps it’s no surprise that there’s something of a royal revival ruling the runways of London Fashion Week going on as planned – apart from Monday’s shows rescheduled due to the Queen’s funeral.

Queen Elizabeth attended London Fashion Week only once in 2018, when she awarded Richard Quinn British Design.

Queen Elizabeth sits with Vogue fashion editor Anna Wintour in the front row at London Fashion Week 2018. Pic: AP
Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue, praised the Queen’s style. Pic: AP

She was photographed smiling in front row with Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, who described her “iconic outfit” as indicative of continuity and tradition.

There are few on the world stage who have been in the spotlight, and even fewer who have looked as elegant as the Queen.

She herself once joked that if she wore beige, no one would know who she was.

Designer Isabel Mann – who also paid tribute to the Queen on her LFW show, told Sky News she was impressed by the Queen’s “great sense of fashion”.

“Vests matched with skirts, although sometimes they are seen as old-fashioned… they are classic… and they’ve always worn them so well… no one else would be able to take them off.”

“She’s been a part of almost every era in the fashion world… and she’s given such support in British business and the fashion industry,” said Mannes.

Like most events, London Fashion Week has struggled for the past couple of years due to the coronavirus pandemic, and although 2023 moves forward with a nation in mourning, the shows promise at least to be fit for the Queen.

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