Loop8: Summer Of Gods is a time travel RPG from Lunar and Grandia

XSEED Games recently announced that it will provide time travel AI RPGs that are driven by emotion Loop8: Summer of the Gods To switch in 2023! This good-looking game might be another growing up story set in a Japanese school, but it has an all-star development team and a huge focus on building relationships and preventing the apocalypse within one month!

He worked as the first producer on the game, Yoichi Miyaji – known for his production Moon: silver star and executive producer on amazing – He’s just one of the top names working in the game. He also joins fellow veteran producer Lunar alum Noriyuki Iwadare (composer for Lunar and ace lawyer series), game producer Yuri Shibamura (creator Gearbolt item And the Gunparade March) and character designers Shingo Adachi (sword art online) and En Morikura (VTuber artist for Kizuna AI). Concept drawing of Kitsuneiro (designer of Amatsu Kitsune), with mascot character designs from Ryudai Murayama (Sakuna: Of rice and ruin).

Set in the rural town of Ashihara circa 1983, Loop8 sees you follow Nene and his class battle against demonic entities known as Kegai. But Nene and her friends are no ordinary humans – instead, they grew up on a failed space station, and Ishihara is one of the only surviving sanctuaries on Earth. These “demons” have pushed humanity to the brink of extinction, and Nene and his friends will need to use their special relationship with the gods to defeat them.

Looks interesting, doesn’t it? We got a taste of the English audio in the trailer above, but why not get more details about the game from XSEED below:

Feature guides

Choices that can change the world8 . walkThe emotion-driven AI system responds to every action and decision players make. The feelings and stories of the characters will vary greatly based on the player’s choices, making each game completely unique.

Beautiful coastal city full of mystery A nostalgic and beautifully reimagined take on rural Japan circa 1983, Ashihara is home to a colorful cast of characters, each with their own secrets to reveal. Will the players’ choices make them reliable allies… or sworn enemies?

Live an ordinary life, fight extraordinary enemies Build bonds with the residents of Ashihara while protecting the city from the ever-present Kegai threat, and repeat the cycle to reveal how daily actions affect battles in the underworld, and vice versa.

Relive the past to change the future – Although the deadline for mankind’s extinction is approaching, the fate of Ashihara is still in your hands. Return frequently to the beginning of August, change your actions, and watch as they turn the tide of fate across multiple endings.

So, despite looking like an interesting and relaxing anime, Loop8 is anything but. The warm and colorful city of Ashihara may be where friendships thrive, but with humanity on the line, you’ll have to spend your time wisely. But don’t forget those Kegai, too.

Loop8: Summer of Gods is coming to Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam in English in 2023, and it looks like it should be watched. You can head to the game Official Website for more details.

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