Man City and Arsenal triples make the difference based on match ratings

Todd Buehle thinks a game of both North and South would be a good idea. But who should make the difference if it is going to pay off?

In the good old 4-4-2 style, we pick both sides based on average match ratings, courtesy who scored.

Goalkeepers – Nick Pope (North) and Bernd Leno (South).
Nick Pope is the first of many Newcastle United players to make the northern side, and has a better rating than any goalkeeper in the Premier League (7.27).

Fulham goalkeeper Bernd Leno is pretty close with an average match rating of 7.25. He is likely to play a big role in Elkochen’s bid to remain in the top flight after receiving £3m from London rivals Arsenal.

Right-Back – Kieran Trippier (North) and Reese James (South)
Returning to the Premier League in January, Kieran Trippier has been fantastic for Newcastle. The Magpies started the season strong at the back, and Trippier is comfortably their best defender, as well as being a menace when standing on set, contributing to his impressive 7.37 rating.

With a rating of 7.29, Chelsea’s Rhys James starts at right-back for the southern team. If it wasn’t for algorithms, James would have been in the starting lineup anyway. It is a nice.

Central Defenders – Fabian Schar (North) and Thiago Silva (South)
Bloody Newcastle, eh?! North Carry XI as things stand.

Fabian Schar – who has an average rating of 7.45 – drafted a new two-year contract in April and repaid the club’s faith with some fantastic offers to start the season. His goal on the opening day of the campaign against Nottingham Forest was absolute beauty and Very similar to his shot against Burnley in 2019.

Chelsea’s second man in a row, and the second player I would have picked anyway, Thiago Silva’s average rating is 7.19 despite the Blues’ defensive struggles in 2022/23. Just don’t mention the Champions League.

Central Defenders – Pascal Struic (North) Joachim Andersen (South)
Leeds United defender Pascal Strick may come as a surprise, but his 7.11 rating puts him in the North side along with Shar. Something tells me Southern strikers are going to lick their lips here. But, as they say, the statistics do not lie.

Joachim Andersen started the season on the right foot with his superb long pass in Crystal Palace’s home loss to Arsenal on opening night. The loss was not important. It was his passing presentation that really mattered.

The Danish defender’s rating (7.27) is slightly better than that of Silva and Strwick.

Left Back – Joao Cancelo (North) and Oleksandr Zinchenko (South).
Joao Cancelo has been the first left-back for Manchester City superbly and is now the best at that position in the Premier League. The Portuguese is averaging 7.32 so far and it wouldn’t be surprising if he rose as the season went on.

From City star to former City star – Oleksandr Zinchenko joined Arsenal for around £30m in the summer transfer window and was really impressive.

It went smoothly into Mikel Arteta’s system and the Ukrainian’s 6.95 rating could be a bit harsh.

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Right midfield – Mohamed Salah (North) and Wilfried Zaha (South).
Quite frankly, the inclusion of Mohamed Salah was very surprising. The Egyptian striker is the highest rated midfielder/right winger (7.28) in the division despite his poor start to the season.

Although Wilfried Zaha doesn’t usually play on the right, he gets into this team because he obviously plays there. His rating is 7.36 higher than Salah’s, so I guess I kind of lied a second ago.

Midfield – Kevin De Bruyne (North);
With a pathetic rating of 7.75 games, Manchester City playmaker Kevin De Bruyne is making his way to the northern side.

Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard will line up with the XI South thanks to his 7.38 rating. He’s one of three Arsenal made the team, with Arteta’s side sitting at the top of the table with 15 points from a potential 18.

Midfield – Joelinton (North) and Pierre-Emile Hojburg (South).
Newcastle are back in action with the entry of Joelinton fully transformed into midfield alongside De Bruyne. The Brazilian was signed for £40m in 2019 and it was an absolutely outrageous number. However, he has gone from being a struggling striker to a midfield monster.

Joelinton’s 7.42 match rating is another symbol of how much better his game is. Still can’t shoot, mind.

Pierre-Emile Hojberg appears to have been better than Jullinton this season, but only, with a rating of 7.44.

The midfield pair between the Tottenham player and Odegaard is well balanced, and the same can probably be said of Joelinton and De Bruyne, who both have a lot of energy and strength.

Left midfield – Alain Saint-Maximin (North) and Gabriel Martinelli (South).
Alain Saint-Maximin is the latest Newcastle player to be in the North team. So this is a five-bird bird, which means silver. Very close to gold. the curse.

One goal and two assists in four games means Saint-Maximin has a 7.67 rating, which is really cool.

Seeing the Frenchman in the All-Star Game would be perfect; It will be rainbow clicks.

Gabriel Martinelli is a very interesting inclusion, too. He has a 7.48 game rating having scored three of six for Arsenal this season. Did it have to be four After his unauthorized goal against Manchester United? likely.

Striker – Erling Haaland (North) and Evan Toni (South).
Erling Haaland has the best average rating in the Premier League (8.2), which is by no means shocking.

Young City is already ahead with ten goals in six matches. It’s a joke.

Evan Toni deserves an all-star berth. And the location of England As for his start to the season, there’s no doubt about it. His 10/10 performance against Leeds boosted his average rating to 7.76.

The 26-year-old is Brentford’s only man in the squad, and the Bees are currently eighth in the First Division.

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Forward – Roberto Firmino (North) and Aleksandar Mitrovic (South).
Liverpool’s poor start to the season didn’t stop two of their players from joining the North side.

Roberto Firmino has six goals in four games, which brings him to an average rating of 7.53. It got him off to a great start Call-up to the Brazil national team For the first time since July 2021.

Aleksandar Mitrovic (7.88 rating) has struggled to show he belongs in the Premier League in previous seasons, but his start to the season with Fulham has been impressive. He’s scored six goals in as many games as he joins fellow Southern teammate Leno by forging a fearsome partnership with Tony, who would be raucous to play with his idol.

north: Nick Pope; Kieran Trippier, Fabian Shar, Pascal Struic, Joao Cancelo; Mohamed Salah, Kevin De Bruyne, Jolinton, Alain Saint-Maximin; Erling Haaland and Roberto Firmino.

South: Bernd Lino ; Reece James, Thiago Silva, Joachim Anderson, Oleksandr Zinchenko; Wilfried Zaha, Martin Odegaard, Peter Emil Hojberg, Gabriel Martinelli; Ivan Toni and Alexander Mitrovich.