McConville doesn’t like the ‘overburdened’ Mayo Backroom team look

Oisin McConville believes that Mayo County Council did not make the right choice of choice Kevin McStay Replace Ray Dempsey as the county’s new director of football.

McConville was to be part of Dempsey’s backroom team if he was chosen for the role. The 2002 Armagh All-Ireland winner also feels that although McStay has a “strong lineup” in his back team, he can be overcrowded.

McStay will be assisted by former Mayo manager Stephen Rushford, while Donny Buckley, Damian Mulligan, and Liam McHale will be coaches and selectors.

Ray Dempsey is exactly what May needs.

“Ray Dempsey could have been a better choice for Mayo, really,” McConville Tell The BBC’s GAA Social podcast.

“I’ve found Ray Dempsey to be very direct, very straightforward, and I don’t think there are enough of these people around anymore, especially in management. It would have worked for them because that’s exactly what Mayo needs. But look, it’s Kevin McStay. He has a star-studded back team.

“The experienced managers I’ve spoken to have all talked about the importance of staying fairly tight. This isn’t a tight back-end team like McStay’s. It just feels a little bit overburdened.

“Big back teams in numbers, it’s very difficult to manage. You try to manage the players, but also the back teams. It can be a lot of vanity in the back teams rather than the players on the field.”

September 13, 2022; Mayo manager Kevin McStay, center, with assistant manager Stephen Rushford, left, and coach Damian Mulligan at Hastings Insurance MacHale Park in Castlebar, May. Photo by Eóin Noonan / Sportsfile

McStay was appointed manager of Mayo on August 22. McConville was told of the appointment shortly beforehand.

“I learned that the meeting in May will take place at 7:30 p.m.,” McConville said.

“Ray Dempsey called me 20 minutes before the meeting. I think the words he was told were that ‘the county council decided to go in a different direction’ which I thought was just rubbish, jumbo bullshit. No matter how you say it, you don’t get the job, And that’s it.

“I was probably more disappointed than I thought. I was definitely excited about it [working with Mayo] Because you want to work with the best teams.

“I said this to Ray Dempsey when he first called me: ‘I don’t think there’s a team I’ve seen more of, not even arm, compared to Mayo in the past 10 years. I felt like every time I saw her, I wanted them to play differently. I had that in my head.

“When the phone call comes, you think you’ll get a chance to change things up. I know I wouldn’t be there on my own, and Ray was the guy, but even so, I had a fair idea of ​​how I wanted them to play. I thought the opportunity was real, and I got energized” .

This activation Drove to McConville to become director of and eat football players.

“The mentality changes because you think, ‘Maybe I’m ready to take a step out of club football,'” he said.

“Then Wicklow’s opportunity came to me, and I met them twice. I was excited about what they had to offer, and excited that they were punching so much less than they weighed.

“The [Wicklow] The county chief called me 48 hours [after being told the Mayo news]. It was just enough time to let things settle. After that, it was done and flicked in my head very quickly, but it had to be believed and all that.”