Mikel Arteta is Pep Guardiola and Arsenal is second after Manchester City

Mikel Arteta is no longer a problem for Arsenal but an asset. We have emails on her and on Manchester City after half a weekend of football.

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Arteta is Guardiola’s Mark II
Long before the season started, or even before the season, here I predicted Arsenal would get over 85 points.

Of course you can imagine the reactions. Should I say it again or maybe I should add something this time, something more subjective. Mikel Arteta is a good coach like Guardiola.

Guardiola went first. It was the storm that brought about change. The ESA realized that they needed control and a clear plan of attack. Managers such as Potter, Arteta and Ten Hag have come in response. Klopp moved towards more principles of positional play. Conte also tends to be in control in a different way.

Arsenal may lose this season, but it won’t be because of Arteta. I’m interested to see what kind of team he will eventually settle on, although I think he’s pretty close to him now. Potter also has to get Chelsea to play very offensively and well, in a way, it’s more interesting because of the way he adapts to each opponent. And of course, I look forward to seeing Team Ten Hag when they become his “team”.

Having said all this, and looking at all that has happened recently, the following points follow,

Man City is the best team in the world. No, they don’t cheat, at least not anymore. Or should I say, no more than any of their competitors do now. I see them and see an example of good management and planning.

Brighton, Arsenal, Liverpool and Brentford.

– I don’t think Manchester United’s management is as bad as we think, they may not be managed well, but Tin Hag’s comment about improving the structure at the club during the break was particularly interesting. I think fans should have hope.

Marcus Edwards should be in the World Cup.

– And finally, when will Stewie humbly apologize to Arteta and Arsenal Football Club for his aggressive suspicions all this time. No, we will not laugh at you. Well, maybe a little. Well, maybe a little more than that. Well… I admit we’ll laugh until we feel it in our stomachs, but even that has to be fine, right? At least, the truth would have set you free!

Arsenal is good you know
I watched the match against Brentford, deserved victoryThere isn’t much to add. But it shows the level of Arsenal’s improvement over the years, from poor set-pieces to becoming a real contender for the masters of art, both offensively and defensively. It shows the wonders of hiring coaches to stop deficiencies. (Saliba’s movement for the target was world-class, defending with minimal fuss.) One could tell that this was Wenger’s main flaw in the end, he was isolated, all his assistants were probably enslaved to him, they couldn’t. You have those difficult conversations that lead to progress.

Ferguson had around four well-known coaches working with him during his years at Man U. Help prepare the boys and give them more space for inspiration and motivation. I’ve always said that David Dean’s departure was the beginning of a slow decline at Arsenal. Looking back at Wenger’s record, he could (and should) certainly have won more titles in his 22 years at Arsenal.

I always thought Tierney was one of the best left-backs, but watching Zinchenko in this role was revealing the endless possibilities inherent in football. Now, I want someone like Zinchenko to play in my left and right back positions, that’s the quality and agility of his playing, and now I’m thinking Tierney might need to add some strings to his bow, pick up a thing or two from the Maestro. shimmering!

Arsenal only had trouble at the start of the first half when Martinelli increased his commitment to pressing. His wing was quickly exposed, but he was able to use his energy to attack the opponent and close the gap. Arsenal may need to watch out for that. (Remember Sambi?) In addition, he should be encouraged to play centrally. He should score more goals. It is effective in drifting to the outside, but more accurate when playing close to the goal. Should score more. Arsenal should score more!

Still some of the same issues with playing with the opponent by having the ball without a real threat (really), but they showed dominance and control with Barty, despite his poor final balls, and Xhaka, who was at his best. This should be his best game so far this season. He really stepped up in the absence of Odegaard. Great hit from Vieira, he’s shown some really nice touches so far. A shooting like this would give Arsenal a different dimension to their game. It should be encouraged. Good Christ. cheers! (must score more).
Miracle of Affirmation, Lagos, Nigeria

Liverpool fans are tired of Manchester City’s dominance. That’s funny.
Finally F365 begs the question, Does anyone else enjoy this city domination? I asked this last season when people wanted the city to win the league against Liverpool… Do we really want our league to be like the German and French leagues?

I’m afraid we’re already there, 4 out of 5 seasons City won the league and I’m sure no one doubts it will be 5 out of 6 and we’re only in a few games. It was unpredictability that drew people to the Premier League and that brought in the big money for the teams, in a few years television revenue would go down and sponsorship revenue would go down with it and clubs with more rich owners would move away.

Remember, when you start complaining about City’s dominance and boredom/predictability, the last couple of times the team came close to challenging City, and most people were ready to win the league.
Marcel Gee, LFC

…Did you forget to mention Ford, the main component of the entire Manchester City goal.

Winning football matches by collecting the best players and coaches money can buy (isn’t it strange how Madrid and Barcelona have never tempted anyone away from the European royal family in East Manchester) with the endgame of washing away the reputation of a tyrannical country violating human rights.

I wonder if any other Gulf country might consider taking part in this event…
James Outram, Wirral

City fans really like to dominate
Yes, I totally enjoy this domination as well as anyone who supports City or enjoys the swell of the established order. This is a level of football that is played rarely seen and it is fantastic.

And it will only get worse for all of you, because City at the moment is probably 75% of its capacity. Haaland is out of this world Obviously, it was probably built in a goal-scoring lab, but he hasn’t yet figured out how it fits into our overall play. Mahrez’s start is slow but we all know how good he is, he was our top scorer not so long ago. Julian Alvarez hasn’t had many minutes yet, but he’s clearly very special. Our backlines are fragmented at best considering the injuries but here we are.

All of you hate this, guess what, it will only get worse for you. And we’ll be here loving every minute, even when we somehow manage not to win the Champions League again. This is crazy and it is amazing.

Andrew MCFC Queens NYC

…I know I shouldn’t, but I find that I should bite after reading the article “Does Anyone Enjoy This Domination?”

First, so am I.

Second, we’re in seven games and as far as I know City haven’t won anything damned yet. Oh, and the last time I looked, Arsenal were at the top of the table. So, I’m not quite sure what “dominance” is referring to?

Third, I don’t remember the articles F365 wrote about, say, the ridiculous ten-year Celtic dominance of SPL being ‘soulless’ or ‘passionless’.

Perhaps the title of his article would have represented his point better if he had written as follows?

“A great team under a great coach and put together over a number of years playing great football and it looks like they are likely to win (more) things but the fans of some of the other teams don’t like it because their team used to do the same but not any more than that.”
Mark (happy to help) MCFC

Mane is not a Liverpool issue
Well, can we all agree now that Liverpool’s collapse is not because of Mane’s departure?

Just like some Liverpool fans (myself included) he said he was really poor for two years before he played for Bayern and now at Bayern he didn’t score in six goals and he didn’t play well either. If he had stayed like that, that’s what we would have had and I think Liverpool would be better off with Diaz, who was probably our best player so far.

There are a lot of problems in Liverpool but Mane’s absence is not one of them. He was a great player at the start and I appreciate what he did for us but there is little room in football for emotion.

come in son
Turns out he only needed an hour’s rest, then.

Enter a wonderful person in you.

I definitely love football. twitching;
John, Lincoln

24 hours later
My wonderful and exhilarating experience watching Son do the thing on Saturday night was immediately tempered by the efficient Arsenal and the dismantling of Brentford today.

They might, you know.
John (operation works), Lincoln

What ideas do you want?
Follow from Stream Consciousness Todd Boehle On the topic of “future atrocities I will so happily inflict in football”, the obvious place to go seems to be to undo this old well-traveled path. The one with the “things we want” sign (but they’ll definitely never come back)

And before we move on to the comeback, let’s be honest, Liverpool and Man United have had the weekend so this could definitely come in. Mailbox 2 is down the page at worst.

The most obvious shout out is first. Cup Cups. Open the clouds. Straight Knockout. Liverpool move away from Real Madrid in the first round and lose? have Abad luck. Bayern tied Sharif and spends vacation? All the best! Maybe see you next year.

Small clubs are in competition and you don’t know who to play each week? Fabulous. One night in countries all over Europe? The magic of the cup. jumpers; The goal.

Pure football and drama on TV would be great. To quote another European saying about American culture, “I’ll buy that for a dollar.”

So my advice to Todd is: Yes, you should look to America to “improve” things here. But you are looking in the wrong place. Don’t look at sports (unless it’s a Huey Lewis album and The News. In that case. Yes! 10/10) but look at the film industry. They’ve been hashing shit from the ’70s and ’80s for years now and making billions. New ideas are very old.

Bring back the cup winners! Bring back the player/managers! Don’t bring back anyone who has an idea of ​​a king who owns these clubs in the first place because they shut up and got into them.

Do that you wish and you might just win a coveted star on the football Walk of Fame. (It’s in Acton)

On a slightly different note, I’d like to hear from some regular Mailbox contributors who have been “kicked and banned from their country of origin, usually for political or punitive reasons”
any negative.

I prefer reading about your undoubtedly perilous journeys to escape persecution for your beliefs. I had no idea being a Spurs fan was so dangerous.

Stewie Griffin and Long live Barry Fox live. Their craziness is exactly the kind of craziness we need in a world that takes itself so seriously.

Take care of yourself guys. Be kind to yourself and each other.
Brian Morrissey. Exile in Main Street Waterford. Ireland