Modern Warfare 2 is officially dropping the red dots

A soldier in Call of Duty looks into the distance.

picture: Infiniti Import

call of duty modern warfare 2On October 28, you’ll stand by the controversial design decisions even after a stressful beta week end, says developer Infinity Ward. The long-running ability to unslide—which allowed players to manipulate slithers to run at breakneck speed—has worn off—and in a move that has replaced some players’ eyes with infernal flames, Infinity Ward has decided that minimaps will no longer display red dots when players fire their weapons.

“Currently in MW 2 Beta, we show enemy player points only when [an unmanned aerial vehicle] Active,” Infinity Ward wrote recently Community Update Blog. “The design reason for this is that we don’t want players to be penalized for firing their weapons. We also want players to actively search for the origin of the gunshot as opposed to just traveling directly to where the point is on the mini-map.”

Call of duty Games have indicated where active shooters have been on the mini-map over the past 16 years or so. muffler or suppressor Weapon accessories And the Subsonic Tours You’ll stealthily remove that red dot for a price (you have to be closer to cause meaningful damage, bullets will fly more idle, etc.).

but the latest modern war 2 It makes these features obsolete. The points are gone, and Infinity Ward appears uninterested in bringing it back, though it asserts in its blog post that it continues to “collect feedback on how the game is played in relation to this topic.”

Players are more than happy to give their collective feedback, but not everyone seems to agree on what that is.

Call of Duty professional Damon “Karma” Barlow wrote on Twitter That remove the red dots ‘turns cod Its a game of hide-and-seek and not a shooter in a fun arena. “I think the observation is more accurate than the fact that modern war 2 Features distinctive and loud player footsteps.

more controversial, Call of duty news site Charlie Intel switched to Twitter To think that Infinity Ward was trying to attract new players, people who might be embarrassed with their weapons.

The site wrote: “There is clearly a higher level of care for casual players with Infinity Ward games, and it’s also clear that they believe that casual players enjoying the game are more important than the hardcore player’s experience.”

On the contrary, some players they say just casual need to Red dot to tell them where to go. computer games Books, for examplethat “If I’m going to be shot in the back, I’d rather be the result of being chased by a voice than following a red dot on the map.”

But overall, no one seems to know exactly what they want from the points other than Infinity Ward. Nor do you want Infinity Ward Points. If you are not sure, soon everyone will have the opportunity to decide –modern war 2The open beta of the game will happen across all platforms from September 24 to September 26. Those who pre-order the game can play it a little earlierfrom 22 to 23 September.