Modern Warfare 2 players are still complaining about things Infinity Ward doesn’t want to change

If you tend to follow what we can call fine Call of duty The letter ‘Every year, you’ve probably come across what seem to be the same complaints, the same arguments, and the same nausea-inducing suggestions.’ That’s obviously true for the annual Call of Duty releases, but the new Modern Warfare series has been a particularly sore spot for most loyal fans.

The modern war 2 beta Just finished the first weekend – Available on a single platform – but we’re already seeing a high level of engagement from players who have jumped since the servers went live.

Call of Duty probably has more in common with its fan base than we realize.

What struck me a little strange was not the size of the posts on redditand social media, those were the complaints being made modern war 2 be Exactly the same We heard it during the Modern Warfare 2019 beta and launch – mostly by the same people.

Modern Warfare 2019 is the most successful Call of Duty game in history. It has successfully brought back older, fallen players who have gradually drifted from the franchise over the years, creating a free-to-play phenomenon in Warzone. Infinity Ward’s technical advances in visuals, animation, and sound have also made it appealing to general shooter fans who resented its unparalleled presentation.

For many on the unofficial side, Modern Warfare 2019 was a massive release. However, for diehard gamers, it was one of the worst Call of Duty games in recent memory. The criticisms fall squarely on some of the design decisions Infinity Ward made with the reboot.

Now that we have the sequel on our hands, many of the same folks are surprised that the studio has doubled down on much of what pissed them off three years ago. The developer even took a step forward, Messing with platforms like privileges in a way that many see as unnecessary; change for him.

Chatter about the game’s mini map It’s still about the fact that it doesn’t show enemies by default, requiring a drone for what was once a basic feature baked. This change was first introduced in the 2019 reboot, and while the behavior remained exactly the same in Modern Warfare 2, it once again worsened the situation for some players.

The official screenshots obviously need more bunny navigation.

Even before the discussion gets into what the mini-map should and shouldn’t do, you can tell that a lot of players still Not satisfied with Modern Warfare’s slower, more tactical gameplay. The same was clearly true with the 2019 release, but the porous design of the maps exacerbated the effect of this change in tempo, which wasn’t quite the case this time around.

Infinity Ward—at least based on beta maps—appears to have taken these observations to heart, making map layouts more predictable, reducing clutter, and lowering high-powered positions. Moreover, the developer largely stuck to his rifle in the rest of the design.

dead silence is Another quick launch button problem. The passive feature, which is available for players to mock and take advantage of 100% of the time, has been turned into a field upgrade – something you’ll have to wait to recharge, and you can only use for a limited time.

Again, this is exactly How it worked in Modern Warfare 2019, and players who love to rush and play hard made the same subtle notes at the time. Dead Silence significantly reduces the sound of footsteps, which gives players who want to run around the map an advantage against campers.

But the focus on Dead Silence wouldn’t have been so obvious were it not for the rumble of Modern Warfare’s footsteps, which many felt were a major contributor to the game’s envisioned campsites 2019. You wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Infinity Ward didn’t make any actual changes there, and the loud footsteps are back again. Main topic of feedback presents the same arguments.

Fixed angles, Call of Duty players’ worst nightmare.

Interestingly, more series players haven’t taken a hint that some changes will still be going on for reasons beyond match balance. Retaining gamers is the number one goal of game publishers today.

One way for Call of Duty to do this is through engagement-based matchmaking, or skill-based matchmaking as it is commonly known. The system attempts to match players with and against others at the same skill level, but these rankings are hidden.

It’s unclear how much player connectivity weighs in the matchmaking algorithm among other performance-related factors. The fact of the matter is that more aggressive and highly skilled players find it more difficult to succeed at the same level they enjoyed before SBMM, which is a major reason behind this. This is a particularly sore spot to many.

A major part of the reason why this style of matchmaking works in three consecutive matches (starting with Modern Warfare 2019) is that players’ lobbies scramble at the end of each match and re-evaluate their skills. Pressure groups, as the community has come to call them, are unlikely to disappear any time soon given their role in the algorithm and how long they have been in the game.

However, the lobbyist solution still stands constant complaint From the same group of players, even three years after it became a reality.

As time has repeatedly proven, Infinity Ward is unlikely to change its position in such essential parts of its modern design. Even Activision is unlikely to tamper with systems like matchmaking due to its obvious relationship to player retention.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been released October 28 On PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.