Night 5 delights fans as the star hints at following Ed Sheeran’s example on a return visit

Garth Brooks has finally played Five Nights at Croke Park, but there’s one Irish tour artist he hopes to emulate: Ed Sheeran.

Sheeran played Ten Nights in Ireland earlier this year, taking part in Croke Park and Thomond Park in Limerick, Boucher Road Play Fields in Belfast and Páirc Uí Chaoimh in Cork.

“I’m not so sure [Croke] garden. Ed Sheeran, I love death. I looked at him [tour posters] He spent two nights somewhere, two nights somewhere, and a few nights in Croke Park but it was a complete tour.”

Garth is well aware that his fan base is mainly outside Dublin, where a mix of accents from the north, south and everywhere in between can witness off the field, and he says next time (and he promises he’ll be there next time) He will bring his music to the masses.

“After this week of travel, I don’t mind coming to you,” he said in a pre-show press conference.

He added that he simply wanted to perform in Ireland, no matter where. “I just love this place. I want to play here, that’s all I want to do.”

Garth Brooks fans, left, Mary Riley, Margaret O’Connell and Catherine Lomas from Kobe heading to Croke Park. Pictured: Mark Steadman

Traveling is something he has done a lot in recent days. His wife, singer Trisha Yearwood, estimates that the couple traveled across 11 counties on their days off, which they spent exploring and appreciating Ireland.

All of them have different features of their road trip. In between gigs, they’re seen taking in scenes at Glendalough, shooting hoops at the University of Limerick, and driving a Dick Macks sing-along in Dingle.

For Trisha, learning about the history and environment of Wicklow was a lovely experience and I enjoyed a “warm, relaxing” lunch at The Wicklow Heather. She said she liked “beautiful” Limerick too, while Garth said it was “great to get to Limerick” and also enjoyed his time at the “cool” Dingle, Ko Keri. “It was amazing,” Trisha added.

However, they do agree on one thing: it is the Irish people who make their time in the country so special, and Garth says their next visit to Ireland will be as tourists, not artists. “Next time we come back here, we won’t be here to play music. We’ll go back to what we did last week. Enjoyed it.”

One of the questions at the press conference introduced Garth to the term “Colchi,” when asked if he felt at home in the city or country. Garth wasn’t sure at the time, but that obviously made a mark on his mind. He referred to him during the party, saying, “I was asked if I identify as ‘Kolchi.’ I’m not from here, but you make me feel like I belong here.”

Garth Brooks fans, left, Noel Gilmartin, Fionwala Gilmartin of Cavan, Mary Doherty, JJ Doherty of Westmeath and Shawn Collins and Bernadette Collins of Mayo head to Croke Park.
Garth Brooks fans, left, Noel Gilmartin, Fionwala Gilmartin of Cavan, Mary Doherty, JJ Doherty of Westmeath and Shawn Collins and Bernadette Collins of Mayo head to Croke Park.

Garth was hailed back in Ireland as a returning hero earlier this month, and says his five-night stay in Dublin was worth the woes of 2014. Unsurprisingly, Garth’s last night in Dublin was fun to delight his adoring fans, and a sea of ​​applause from patrons cows.

With his documentary makers happy with the material they’ve collected from Crocker thus far, Garth used his last night to split his traditional playlist.

Fans were treated to his usual classics, including Friends in Low Places, The Dance and The Thunder Rolls as well as a touching duet of Shallow with his wife Trisha and a gorgeous Queen cover in honor of Freddie Mercury, with Radio Gaga, We’re the Champions and We’ll Rock You.

It was an unforgettable last night, especially for the man himself. During the prolonged applause at one point, he could be heard shouting “I love this place!”

In the previous press conference, he told the media that last Sunday’s party was the best yet, but his second Saturday may have overtaken him for the job. “I started wondering if I had memorized the best one to the end?”

He told his fans through tears, “I was really hoping for a good night to get rid of that. I gotta tell you what I had was the best scary night ever. Thank you for your love for me and for your love for all of us. I love you!”