NuCurrent Develops New Wireless Power Consortium Standard, Bringing New PopSockets into Mass Production

Using proprietary software, NuCurrent’s MP-A24 design specification simplifies and reduces the size and cost of Qi EPP transmitters.

Chicago And the Boulder, Colo.And the September 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NuCurrent, the global leader in wireless power technology, announced today that it has developed a new wireless transmitter architecture, the MP-A24 Qi Design Specification. The new standard uses proprietary software to significantly reduce cost, simplify design and improve thermal efficiency. PopPower 2, the second generation of PopSockets’ flagship wireless charger, is the first in the world to be mass-produced with this technology and hit shelves today.

“With the MP-A24, we are tackling the two biggest challenges to Qi long-range charging – namely: component size and cost,” he said. Rob DieboldVice President of Global Sales, NuCurrent. “By addressing these challenges, we will bring high-performance Qi to more devices, ultimately increasing consumer adoption of this technology around the world.”

The first generation PopPower used the NuCurrent MP-A17 Qi design specification, the first 15W Qi-certified wireless charger with an extended charging distance of up to 12mm (which was more than 3 times the distance from the previous standard at the time), to charge through PopGrips and other thick phone accessories. The hardware required for MP-A24-based designs is 82% smaller than the MP-A17, while still delivering 15W at up to 12mm separation due to NuCurrent’s proprietary software. The MP-A24 can also be reconfigured, allowing it to be integrated into custom product designs with unique or challenging size constraints. For PopSockets, the MP-A24 resulted in the slimmest second generation PopPower 2 without compromising the superior performance of the first generation PopPower.

“Through our technology partnership, PopSockets and NuCurrent have developed wireless power products that have been industry firsts with every launch,” said Altan Nahum, PopSockets Vice President of Products. “When you step back, you realize that these accomplishments are enormous and bring real business value.”

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