Overwatch 2 Battle Pass – Here’s What You Need to Know

Monitor 2 And her new Battle Pass has been making a lot of news lately. Mix of leaks and marketing materials from Blizzard, as reported on its sister site computer games (Opens in a new tab)The crowd was in an uproar. Specifically, they weren’t happy with the idea that they’d need to advance through the battle corridor to unlock certain playable heroes.

Since then, Blizzard has explained a little bit about the battle pass system. In a group interview recorded by computer games (Opens in a new tab)Blizzard Vice President Jon Spector stated that “regular players” should be able to achieve champions trapped in a battle pass. He and his team also explained how much the Overwatch 2 battle pass costs, how players in the original Overwatch can unlock specific heroes and other details about the upcoming game.