‘Overwatch 2’ developers reveal the ‘Swiss cheese’ inspiration behind the Esperança map

hopefull It means “hope” in Portuguese – or at least for someone in BlizzardHero shooter series Note and watch. It’s also the name of a brand new map coming to Overwatch 2 with its October 4th launch. The Esperança map carefully balances competitive design elements with an authentic Portuguese experience. The developers announced many changes before the next launch of the game such as New Battle Card And the new support hero, Kiriko. The fantasy Portuguese city is the latest addition to the growing game world. This is what Monitor 2 The developers had to talk about the ideas of the map and how it helps solidify the series as a “superterrestrial adventure” and the considerations they made during the project.

The leading environmental artist even used his own vacation photos as inspiration for Esperanca, Portugal.Activision Blizzard

During a last press preview of Monitor 2Artistic Director Dion Rogers explained that the team’s lead environment artist is from Portugal, so he brings a strong air of originality to the design—especially when they use the artist’s holiday photos as references to certain parts of the map.

Several members of the Portuguese development team also helped define “what is great about culture” so that they could identify “the right things to build architecture”. As with most maps in the game, Rogers says they purposefully explore within the development team to draw inspiration from real life from the cultures represented.

“We always want Overwatch to feel like this world-traveling adventure that goes to somewhat unexpected places,” Rogers said. “We’ve found that some of our best maps come from when we have someone from the team already in from the location. We seem to pick up the immersion a little better than if we didn’t have someone from the area.”

The Note and watch The team sent an audio team to Portugal to pick up the ambient noise. Along the way, they also picked up many visual references including architecture, weather patterns, and even food.

“I was surprised when I heard Portuguese from one of the rooms,” said hero designer Piero Herrera, who is Brazilian. “Even though I’m not from Portugal, it made me feel integrated with the environment just because of the language.”

With its bright blue and white colors and various mosaic patterns, Esperança may seem like a great vacation spot – but it’s also a battleground.

Esperança is one of several new maps that help introduce the “Push” game mode, along with New Queen Street (Toronto) and Colosseo (Rome). Pushing is kind of a two-sided variation of the classic Escort game mode. In Escort, one attacking team must deliver a payload to the defending team’s base, and in competitive play modes, alternate offense and defense in the second round – whoever achieves their goal faster wins.

However, in Push, both teams fight for control of a bot that pushes the payload back and forth through the central lanes of the map. Rogers noted that Esperanca has an “elegant gradual inclination” with plenty of opportunity for “alignment and sniper movement.”

The Note and watch The team prioritizes balance with its designs. Starting points are similar to control maps where neither team has a fixed advantage over the other due to the distance from the bot. He also emphasized the need for multiple ways to get back into the robot.

“The map is a bit like Swiss cheese,” Rogers says. “You should have a lot of slots for players to get back into the bot as quickly as possible.”

In the original tests where there were fewer slots, the team found that players die more easily because they needed to run on open ground for 30 seconds to reach the bot. Snipers can have a

“We needed to come up with a way to design the map, as there are many ways to get back into the robot,” Rogers says. “There are short cuts and side ways, but it seems fair. There is a lot of coverage and ways for players to mitigate any overly surrounding champions.”

The Note and watch The development team purposefully designed Esperança to be a cultural marvel and a fair fight. Whether it’s heaven for you or not depends on whether you’ve mastered the new Push mode.

Monitor 2 Releases October 4 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.