Pixel Watch video reveals what Google doesn’t want you to see

Google just dropped a teaser video Entitled “Google Design pixel clockBefore the official appearance of the smartwatch in the watch Happened on October 6th. The video does a great job highlighting the smartwatch’s clean design with its curved glass aesthetics and vibrant strap colors, all in less than a minute.

google pixel clock design

What is not shown are the edges. Since the first leaked renders of the Pixel Watch appeared online, all the UI elements that appear on the screen have been depicted on a black background. They look good, but in doing so, the true thickness of the tires remained a mystery. Clever design, one might say.

Pixel Watch looks like a great smartwatch of 2014! pic.twitter.com/rebZgx5TdY

And the[مدش]. Joe Maring (@JoeMaring1) September 22 2022

But one Google video, in particular, caught the attention of Digital Trends Mobile Editor Joe Maring. A Tron-inspired marine green analog watch face shows an excess of blank space along the ocean. Of course, you can’t make the pixels light up below the black edges. If the Pixel Watch had really thick bezels, it would look more like a relic from the era of the first generation of smartwatches.

Hi Google, are you kidding me?

So, I tried to take a look at the product’s old origins to check if we’re actually going to see “kayaking on the edge” this fall season. After sifting through some Google Image results, I came across this official demo with the Google Assistant UI, ready for major bidding.

Notice the chunky edges in this potato quality improvement post and edit? The Google

As you can see in the image above, the assistant’s signature colored band at the bottom is too far from the rounded edges. It could only mean one thing: The Pixel Watch has got thick edges. And by one word, I mean “we don’t deserve this stuff in 2022.”

But then again, these are mockups, and maybe, maybe, the real thing might surprise us with thinner tires. But it seems that there is no pleasant surprise for the enthusiastic fans. At least not this year.

to remember Pixel watch leaked images The test unit left in the restaurant? I went back to reddit theme and jumped to Imgur . Gallery From the leaked photos. Well, I’ll leave this picture for you to decide for yourself.

pixel clock leaked image
Credit: tagtech414 / Reddit

The design reminds us of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2which was introduced in 2019. The only difference is that the glass is more curved along with the contour of the Google smartwatch, which makes the edges look sharper than Samsung’s wearable.

Below is perhaps the most realistic photo of the real Pixel Watch – and its obnoxious bezel. Christina Alexander of Digital Trends described it as “a vintage circular watch, updated for the digital age.” It is difficult to disagree with this observation. Another colleague was less forgiving and left the conversation with “Just yuck!”

A leaked real image of the Pixel watch
Credit: tagtech414 / Reddit

Now, it’s hard to see any attraction at all in those chubby edges. The only justification one can give is that the Pixel Watch has been stuck in development hell for a while. Instead of switching gears halfway and consuming a few million dollars, Google stuck to the original design—the most relevant design for 2018.

Only for true Pixel fan

I sincerely hope these edges serve some functional purpose. On the Galaxy Watch Active 2, the rounded bezels were capacitive, providing an intuitive way to navigate the user interface. It was very clever, and it was also a test of patience if the screen got wet.

Google Pixel Watch view, showing off its giant bezels.
The Google

I’d like to imagine that Google hid some kind of bioactive sensor under the edges, somewhat like Fitbit Sense 2But don’t hold your breath for such a miracle. Oh, and did I tell you that the Pixel Watch has an Exynos chip from the 2018 era smartwatches? Yes, that is too.

But that’s not where the bad news ends. Despite all the goodness of the Pixel Watch, it is said that Google Planning to charge $350. This is the asking price for the Bluetooth model only. If you prefer cellular connectivity on your Wear OS smartwatch, prepare to spend $400 this holiday season.

The big bezels alone aren’t enough reason to hesitate about the Pixel Watch, but combined with everything else we know about the smartwatch, it’s making it increasingly difficult to get excited about Google’s first wearable Pixel phone. And – given the amount of anticipation that surrounds the thing – that’s a shame.

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