PSNI officer arrested on suspicion of assaulting Garda at Garth Brooks party in Croke Park, Dublin

An eyewitness at the station told the Sunday World newspaper that the woman was “extremely disturbed” and appeared to have been arrested on suspicion of assaulting a guard.

Last Saturday, a PSNI female officer was arrested and taken to Mountjoy Garda station in north Dublin.

An eyewitness at the station told sunday world The woman was “extremely disturbed” and appears to have been arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer.

They said the woman was arrested a second time while at the station after claiming she had assaulted another police officer.

She was arrested the same night a Castlewellan man was arrested and later brought to court on charges of allegedly assaulting an Irish police officer which broke the Irish policeman’s nose.

PSNI confirmed last night that it was aware of an “incident” involving an on-duty police officer.

A PSNI spokesperson told sunday world: “An Garda Síochána has reported an incident involving an officer working in Dublin over the weekend to the Police Department of the Occupational Standards Department in Northern Ireland. No further details are available at this time.”

None of the police forces provided any details as to whether the officer had been charged with any crime. But an eyewitness at the station told the newspaper that they witnessed the officer’s release in the early hours of Sunday morning.

“My partner was arrested for being drunk and agitated at the party last Saturday night,” the witness said.

“I’m pregnant, so I got really cold and had to wait at Mountjoy Garda for hours until he was released.

“While I was waiting, I spoke to this woman who told me that she was waiting for her friend who was also arrested for beating up a soldier.

“The woman said to me, ‘You’d think she’d know better—she’s an officer serving PSNI.'” It was around 10.15pm.

“The garda officer came out and told the friend that her friend was behaving and demanded to take her to the hospital when there was nothing wrong with her, then they said they had to be arrested again for hitting another soldier.

“My partner was in a cell near her and said she was going off, and at one point three or four police officers went to her.

“She was released around 2am but she was angry. I saw her get her belongings and went back to the office to complain that her watch was missing.

“She was told her watch was in the front of her bag but when she took it out she said it was broken and the charm bracelets were broken too.

The police officer said to her, ‘Well, that’s what you get from fighting with the guards.

A police spokesman declined to confirm or deny whether a serving officer from Northern Ireland had been arrested

And when they were asked to confirm the number of arrests that had taken place at the end of last weekend’s concerts, all they would say was: “We won’t collect statistics on arrests until all the concerts are done.”

During the party itself, 27-year-old Co Down man, Gary Doyle, was arrested and charged with breaking Jared’s nose.

Doyle, in Kenalen Rd, Ballward, Castlewellan, denied hitting the officer and told police he was the designated driver for a group of concertgoers.

Garda sergeant Elaine Murtag presented evidence of the accused’s arrest, indictment and caution at a Dublin court on Monday.

She said Doyle was arrested in Croke Park on Saturday at 10.05 p.m. and brought to Store Street Garda, where he was charged in her presence. When he was charged, the accused replied, “I didn’t do that.

He vehemently denied assaulting the police officer and a defense attorney told the court they believed the CCTV footage would exonerate him from the prosecution.

He was released on bail of 1,000 euros and will appear again in court in October.

Garth Brooks’ final concert took place last night after 80,000 concerts were sold out.