Queen Elizabeth watched The Crown on a projector on Sunday nights

Actor Matt Smith said the Queen was watching episodes of The Crown through a projector on Sunday nights.

The British actor, who played a younger version of Prince Philip in the popular royal drama, has said he wants to return to the UK to experience the King’s state funeral ‘party’ – scheduled for Monday.

Smith starred opposite Claire Foy in the first two seasons of the show, which also featured John Lithgow as Winston Churchill.

It has long been speculated whether any members of the royal family have seen the series of songs, or what their opinions are about it.

Speaking to NBC’s Today Show, Smith said: “I heard the Queen had seen it, and apparently she used to watch it on a projector on Sunday nights.

“I know Philip definitely didn’t.

“A friend of mine sat next to him at a dinner once and asked him…it seemed to him that he turned around and said ‘Don’t be silly.'”

Smith revealed his desire to return to the UK for the funeral on Monday, saying: “I think it’s part of history.

Matt Smith and Claire Foy in The Crown. Photo: Alex Bailey/Netflix/PA

“I guess I just want to be in London. I want to try it, I really want to take part in her concert.”

He added that while his mother wanted to go see the procession, he was likely to watch the service “at a local bar with a group of friends”.

It comes after Foy spoke of the honor of playing the Queen on screen, calling the late British monarch “a formidable symbol of continuity, dignity and grace”.

Speaking to the BBC at the Toronto Film Festival, she said: “I think she was a wonderful queen.

“It united people and was a tremendous symbol of continuity, dignity and grace.”

Netflix also recently revealed that the number one series entered the world’s top 10 list for the week of September 5-11 following the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Peter Morgan, creator of The Crown. Photo: Ian West/PA

The series ranked seventh for English language TV programming, with nearly 17.6 million hours watched globally.

“Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II has been in the hearts and minds of viewers,” the weekly read.

“Fans revisited the first season of The Crown, which debuted at number seven with 17.57 million watched hours.”

Filming for the final series of The Crown was suspended following the Queen’s death last Thursday, and filming will also be suspended on Monday for the funeral.

The upcoming fifth series of the lavish royal drama, currently slated for release in November, will star Dominic West as Charles and Elizabeth Debicki as Diana, Princess of Wales.

The Crown was scheduled to end after its fifth series, but show writer and co-creator Peter Morgan later said it would be extended to series six.