Rain Code editing window, trailer, gameplay and story

There is something very dark academia about this game. Main Detective Archive: The Rain Code Starring an amnesiac hero who registers as a trainee detective for the local detective agency. In this rainy city, those who investigate crimes are known as ‘Principal Investigators’. It just so happens that Yuma Kokohead has the most bizarre background… and a strange partner in crime. He is haunted by a spirit called Shinigami, which appears as a floating purple bubble or a girl dressed up Gothic Lolita according to the moment. How are they related? Well, that is a mystery in itself.

Here’s everything you need to know about Danganronpa The team’s latest mystery visual novels, Main Detective Archive: The Rain Code.

When is a file Main Detective Archive: The Rain Code release window?

Spike Chunsoft

Archives of Chief Detective: The Rain Code He will be released at some point Spring 2023. There is no specific release date. That could be any time from March to June 2023, so she’s just under a year old at this point.

Is there Archives of Chief Detective: The Rain Code tractor?

Meet Yuma, an amnesiac detective who becomes an intern at a local investigative agency. trailer for Archives of Chief Detective: The Rain Code The young man and his partner introduce the mysterious and evil spirit partner Shinigami. Rain Code takes place in an unnamed city burdened with endless rain and dominant corporate lords. It has not been revealed how this relates to the puzzles that Yuma and his team have to solve.

The trailer also shows gameplay that looks straight from Danganronpa series. You can watch the video linked in this section for yourself.

What is the Archives of Chief Detective: The Rain Code play like?

Days asking around town for clues.Spike Chunsoft

If you are familiar with Danganronpa, you are already halfway to understanding how to do it Archives of Chief Detective: The Rain Code Works. There seems to be more exploration outside of point-and-click gameplay, but checking for clues works the same way. Yuma walks to the interactable objects in the area and checks them out to see what he can add to the situation.

After collecting enough evidence, Shinigami opens a portal to another dimension called Mystery Labyrinth to analyze the answer to the case. It’s like class trials in Danganronpa, which serves as a way to clarify the details behind the clues and unveil how they relate to the overall mystery. In this case, Yuma guides himself between different paths in the maze with multiple-choice questions that hopefully will lead to the correct answer.

“No, that is not true!”Spike Chunsoft

Some bosses appear at the end of the dungeons, where Yuma has to fight them with armed information. It is similar to the higher level roulette games in Danganronpa, where players shoot “truth bullets” to break through the lies of others. Spike Chunsoft hasn’t revealed the exact mechanics, but there is an HP bar, weapons, and specials on display in the trailer.

how is he Archives of Chief Detective: The Rain Code Related Danganronpa?

you can call Archives of Chief Detective: The Rain Code .’s spiritual successor Danganronpa. It was created by the same developers but is not connected in any way through the story.

Archives of Chief Detective: The Rain Code It is a collaboration between Spike Chunsoft and Q games tooFounded by studio Danganronpa developers. The Archives of Chief Detective: The Rain Code The development team includes screenwriter Kazutaka Kodaka, composer Masafumi Takada, and character designer Rui Komatsuzaki. So, if the feelings of mystery and bewildered-eyed character designs sound familiar, here’s why.