Real-time audio analytics boost customer sentiment value

There is velocity, and then there is instantaneous.

as it happens. immediately. He lives.

In today’s modern, always-on world, to read “retroactively” is “obsolete” – the need for speed has only been replaced by the new demand in real time.

Technology is rarely left behind: it often dictates the speed at which the world operates.

Voice calling, by its very nature, is as real-time as it gets.

However, until now, when it comes to capturing, understanding and analyzing what has been said, even technology has not been able to mitigate its effects in the least. some delay.

Call recording and voice analytics have been around for a while. The value of the caller’s (and agent’s) tone and feelings are steadily increasing. But organizations have always had to settle for “after the fact” analysis.

Now, thanks to artificial intelligence, the analysis of voice calls can be done in real time; Transforming the science (and art) of superior customer service to call centers.

Agents and their supervisors can respond to the mood and tone of individual callers for an optimal on-demand experience.

Live training can help an inexperienced agent with deceptive interaction with clients.

Engagement scores go up after the call – and overall customer satisfaction.

Partner with the right vendor in this new and exciting space and managed service providers, value-added suppliers, and system integrators are more likely to win.

“Organizations are truly obsessed with their customers and are constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience,” he says. Anders Hvelplund, Senior Vice President of Call Centric Solutions at global standardized audio and video company Jabrawhich has just launched its unique, margin-rich solution “AI Engage” which offers all of the above.

“We believe in getting it right from the first second and see the value in improving conversational qualities. Engage AI successfully decoded human emotions, enabling agents to respond instantly to be the best version of themselves.

“The platform also helps bring supervisors and agents closer together in this era of remote work and create more training opportunities.”

Engage AI is designed to transform call center experiences by deploying artificial intelligence (AI) technology that provides a new qualitative view of real-time calls.

The launch comes on the back of Jabra’s findings that 76% of customers still prefer doing business with their product or service provider over the phone rather than any other channel of communication.

As customer experience is now a key performance indicator for companies of all types, Engage AI is designed to support call center agents by monitoring elements such as tone of voice.

The model benefits from more than 20 years of research and millions of conversations analyzed by the world’s most prolific AI scientists at Munich-based technology company AudEERING.

The multi-language solution, which integrates seamlessly with most call centers, intelligently assesses both caller/agent conversation sides and engagement levels, providing real-time measurement of customer experience and live coaching on how best to manage a given situation.

These real-time insights allow agents to adjust their approach during calls to better align with the needs of callers.

When agents speak in a friendly and lively manner, customer satisfaction and conversion rates increase, and call lengths decrease, thus saving costs.

Additionally – once the call is over – engagement results can help identify areas for improvement and can also be integrated into existing enterprise analytics platforms via an API.

“This valuable analysis has the added benefit of bringing teams closer together and providing opportunities for upskilling,” says Hvelplund.

It comes with tools to support skill development and improve team management. Call center agents have access to self-training and strength-based, comprehensive, and customized performance assessments for each agent and team.

“Call center supervisors can also gain immediate, actionable insights into their team’s performance to further improve the customer experience both individually and collectively.

“In addition to receiving and addressing real-time updates on commendable moments, supervisors can use the platform to monitor employee well-being based on real-time event updates and dashboards with call analytics and data.”

It seems that the opportunities are many.

Just make sure you act fast!

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