Republic of Ireland-Israel, European Under-21 Championship play-off

1 minute ago

62 minutes: Republic of Ireland 0-1 Israel

Kashin jumps again to float vertically after a free kick inside from Small Bone. But the attempt was wide-ranging, another frustrating opportunity for Ireland.

But Ireland still worked hard with Connolly winning a corner.

4 minutes ago

60 minutes: Republic of Ireland 0-1 Israel

Israel is making some changes as we reach the hour mark.

5 minutes ago

59 minutes: Republic of Ireland 0-1 Israel

Nice play for Ireland, switching play again and again. They lose possession and get caught a bit over the counter.

The ball reaches Usher Davida, who tries to work himself into the shooting position, but Maher goes out to collect the ball.

Wright wins an angle at the other end.

10 minutes ago

54 minutes: Republic of Ireland 0-1 Israel

More impressive work than Wright to win the ball and cross in the Israel area. Again, Kachin is the one to get to it but Ireland got rid of nothing again.

11 minutes ago

53 minutes: Republic of Ireland 0-1 Israel

Good job by Wright as he won a free kick outside the Israeli penalty area, straight from inside the corner flag.

The ball was hit attractively and Kashin came flying to put his head behind her but his effort shined over the bar.

15 minutes ago

49 minutes: Republic of Ireland 0-1 Israel

Yellow card for Kashin for a little mustard interference. Israel enjoyed some early attacks in the Irish half of the field.


20 minutes ago

the other half! Republic of Ireland 0-1 Israel

26 minutes ago

Here’s another look at this goal from Israel

29 minutes ago

Republic of Ireland 0-1 Israel

A disaster for Ireland before the break. After enjoying most of the possession and likely seeking to break the deadlock, they now find themselves well behind in the first half.

It was Aidan Journeau who scored the goal from a corner kick. He rose to the heights to put his head on the volleyball, with a skilled Ireland goalkeeper stopped from his position.


33 minutes ago

Half the time! Republic of Ireland 0-1 Israel


34 minutes ago

Goal! Republic of Ireland 0-1 Israel (Gorno ’45)

37 minutes ago

42 minutes: Republic of Ireland 0-0 Israel

A slight moment of anxiety as Maher deflects the ball away from the free Israel bouncing deceptively all the way. Ireland deals with it though

39 minutes ago

41 minutes: Republic of Ireland 0-0 Israel


Smallbone’s great effort has plenty of speed behind him and only imposes a finger tip from Israel goalkeeper David Peretz. Ferguson and Connolly both got important touches on the ball to create Smallbone and the end product was the piledriver.

44 minutes ago

36 minutes: Republic of Ireland 0-0 Israel

Another corner of Ireland, taken by Wright. His efforts land in attractive possession but the ball ran out before flipping again, sending Israel off.

47 minutes ago

33 minutes: Republic of Ireland 0-0 Israel

Israel takes a short corner and Edo Shahar tries to shoot from distance.

Smallbone is then stripped to allow Israel to counterattack. They spread the ball all over but this move ends with Hodge getting to the ball and kicking it clearly.

52 minutes ago

28 minutes: Republic of Ireland 0-0 Israel

Hodge again intervenes in another important robbery. He traces Oscar Gloch’s path down the middle and does enough to slow him down and give the Irish defense a chance to block paths to the goals.

55 minutes ago

25 minutes: Republic of Ireland 0-0 Israel

Will Smallbone rushes forward with the ball and attempts an attack, but his pass to Connolly is off target and Israel comfortably clears their lines.

This is a good talisman from Ireland, and they enjoy a lot of possession.

58 minutes ago

23 minutes: Republic of Ireland 0-0 Israel

Good pressure from Ferguson to force Ireland to throw it deep into Israeli territory. Wright steps forward to take it, and the short pass is ejected. But only for a brief period when the purge returns to Ireland again.


18 minutes: Republic of Ireland 0-0 Israel


Another great opportunity for Ireland and Connolly. A fascinating insight from Lee O’Connor’s discovery of the unmarked Connolly in the box. He controls the ball the first time and tries to sneak his shot at the back post but there is a lot of spin in the kick and the ball swings wide.


16 minutes: Republic of Ireland 0-0 Israel

He called for a penalty there for a clip on Ferguson passing without being judged by the referee. Replays suggest he was in good shape there but play has been waved off.


14 minutes: Republic of Ireland 0-0 Israel


Big opportunity for Ireland there as Connolly’s bid for the woodwork recedes. Wright designed this attack for Ireland who bounced back into play. The ball eventually comes to Ferguson in the penalty area, who tries to fly, but his shot is blocked.


12 minutes: Republic of Ireland 0-0 Israel

Evan Ferguson nearly slipped through the ball after getting the end of a long ball, but Israel was alert to danger and put the ball outside for a throw-in.

Israel tries to attack but ends up giving up freedom, giving Ireland a chance to work on possession again.


10 minutes: Republic of Ireland 0-0 Israel

This is Ireland’s first real advance in defense of Israel. Aaron Connolly rushes in and attempts to bond with Tyreik Wright. But the pass failed to stick and the ball falls to the goal kick.


7 minutes: Republic of Ireland 0-0 Israel

Good positioning for Joe Redmond to cut the ball from a dangerous Israeli attack. The visitors come again as Usher Davida tries to break in after fetching the ball from the wing.

But Joe Hodge does well to clear him and clear the ball. Nervy opening a few minutes for Ireland but they are sharp in the face of these investigative attacks.


4 minutes: Republic of Ireland 0-0 Israel

Iran Kachin puts his boots on to intercept a pass from midfield. Israel retrieves it and sends it to Ireland Square where guard Brian Maher deals with the danger.


2 minutes: Republic of Ireland 0-0 Israel

Israel leads us in the first leg at Telaght Stadium. Good defensive play from Ireland against early pressure from the visitors.



Starting! Republic of Ireland 0-0 Israel


The jingles are done, we’re still moments away from kick-off.


Teams make their way out onto the pitch at Tallaght Stadium.


“I have spoken to him a few times. He has been great since he came and is looking forward to the night.”

Jim Crawford on the inclusion of Aaron Connolly to the squad tonight.


Here’s Team Israel for tonight…

Israel U21: 1. David Peretz 3. Ziv Morgan 5. Jill Cohen 7. Usher Davida 8. Muhammad Kanaan 11. Oscar Gluch 12. Eliam Kanspolsky 17. Edo Shahar 19. Aidan Journo 20. Stav Lemkin 22. Roy Hermann

Subs: 18. Omar Yaqub Nir V 2. Karam Jaber 4. Yuval Jaber 6. Zohar Zasno 10. Stav Nachmani 14. Tay Abed Qusous 15. Yoav Hofmeister 16. Hisham Lewis 21. Noam Gil Malamud


Who do you think will pass?