Resident Evil show has a lot of potential revelations

next capcom Resident Evil 4 Remake is one of the most awaited games to be released in 2023. Although it was originally announced at the June Sony State of Play presentation, very little gameplay footage Resident Evil 4 Remake been detected. earlier this month, vampire Developer Capcom gave a presentation at the Tokyo Game Show, but save it for the reveal Resident Evil 4 remake Coming to PS4Not much has been shared regarding the upcoming game.

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Instead, Capcom used the event to delve deeper into the future Resident Evil Village DLC, reveals four of the latest vampire Games coming to Switch Via cloud technology, shared updates regarding Resident Evil 4 RemakeAnd the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition. Resident Evil Village Gold Editionand “more” will be revealed on its own vampire The show will happen sometime in October. The Tokyo Game Show presentation was brief and looked more like an opening show than a prime-time venue, but there seems to be a way to go crazy.

The perfect opportunity to showcase RE4

In a post-pandemic world where broadcasting is king and in-person gatherings are more difficult to organize, it is not uncommon for studios to do their own shows. It’s unusual for a studio to use a showcase to advertise a show, but there’s reason to believe Capcom is waiting to pull off the big guns. even before Nvidia leak detection Resident Evil 4 RemakeAnd the Among other games, rumors have been circulating that the fourth entry will be next to get the new treatment. As the calendar approaches the game’s release date of March 2023, it’s safe to assume that Capcom is gearing up to offer more of it.

While a few tidbits about the upcoming remake have been confirmed, the trailers have already revealed changes to the game’s general tone, giving it a darker and more alarming vibe. There is still a lot moments in Resident Evil 4 Remake which has not yet been disclosed. The vampire The show would be the perfect time to show players actual gameplay footage and suddenly drop a playable demo. It would be a great way to increase the hype and get valuable feedback from the players, and it wouldn’t be the first time Capcom has done this either. the first Resident Evil 7 The demo was made available about seven months before the game’s release.

Other manifestations of Resident Evil

Fans can also reasonably expect to see the gameplay in Shadows of Rose DLC coming for Resident Evil Village. Fans are eager to see if Rose’s DLC offers clues as to what to expect from a file Resident Evil 4 remake In terms of gameplay dynamics, if not more comparisons. Finally, there was a subtle hint from Capcom of “more” to be shown at the upcoming Resident Evil show. It could be something like a long rumor Resident Evil: Rage to switch.

If there is one thing that is true about him vampire, is that anything is possible. It’s a dynamic franchise, and Capcom is keen to give players more of it. Ultimately, their choice is to reveal new details about upcoming games. However, it is safe to expect them to display the first proper gameplay footage from Resident Evil 4 Recreate and give us more than 2 minutes of Shadows of Rose. With luck, a playable demo will be the cherry on top of a delicious presentation.

Resident Evil 4 Releases on March 24, 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

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