Revealing the details of the Queen’s funeral as a king to bury her with Prince Philip | UK news

More details about the Queen’s funeral were announced on Monday, including confirmation of her burial with the Duke of Edinburgh.

The Queen will be buried with her late husband, Prince Philip, at the King George VI Memorial Chapel during a private service and burial on Monday evening.

This will be followed by her state funeral at Westminster Abbey, which begins at 11 am.

Nearly four miles queue to see the Queen – the latest news live
Watch the Queen lying flat

The Queen has been lying in nearby Westminster Hall since Wednesday, with thousands of fans queuing for hours to pay their respects.

It was announced that the King, the Royal Princess, the Duke of York and the Earl of Wessex will hold a 15-minute vigil around the Queen’s coffin at 7.30pm on Friday.

Here’s what we know about what will happen on the day of the funeral itself.

A trip to Westminster Abbey

The Lying Hall in Westminster Hall will conclude at 6.30am, with doors closed in preparation for the funeral.

Shortly after 10.35 a.m., the coffin will be lifted and transported in procession to the Royal Navy’s state cannon cart stationed outside the north door.

The 123-year-old gun carriage will set off at 10.44am, pulled by 98 Royal Navy sailors using ropes in a tradition dating back to Queen Victoria’s funeral, where members of the Royal Navy line the road to the Abbey. and the Royal Marines.

A three-service honor guard will be organized in Parliament Square, accompanied by a contingent of Royal Marines.

The coffin of the Queen follows the King, Anne, Andrew and Edward. And behind them will be the grandchildren of Queen Peter Phillips, Duke of Sussex and Prince of Wales.

They will be followed by Vice-Admiral Sir Tim Lawrence, the Queen’s son-in-law, her cousin, the Duke of Gloucester, and her nephew, the Earl of Snowdon.

The procession, led by a pipe-and-drum mob from the Scottish and Irish Regiments, the Gurkha Brigade, and the RAF’s 200 musicians, will arrive at 10.52 and the coffin will be taken to the Abbey for service.

The doors of Westminster Abbey will open at 8:00 am to allow general worshipers to take their seats, as 2,000 people are expected to gather for the funeral.

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A spare coffin used for funeral rehearsals

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Invited heads of state and representatives of foreign governments, including foreign royal dignitaries, will travel “under collective arrangements” from the Royal Chelsea Hospital to the Abbey.

Recipients of the Victoria and George Cross, Government, Parliament, Parliaments and Councils delegated, Church, and Her Majesty’s Patronage are among those who will attend, with more representatives from the law, emergency services, employees, public professions and public representatives.

Towards the end of the concert, the Last Post will sound, followed by two minutes of silence.

The national anthem will be played and there will be lamentations at the conclusion of the Mass around midday.

The Queen's funeral takes place at Westminster Abbey
The Queen’s funeral takes place in Westminster Abbey

The coffin will follow the king, queen consort and members of the royal family.

The man responsible for the historic occasion said the funeral would “unite people all over the world and resonate with people of all faiths” and would offer “a fitting tribute to an extraordinary judge”.

Earl Marshall, Duke of Norfolk, said the task was “a modest and arduous. A great honor and responsibility.”

“The events of recent days remind us of the power of our constitution, which is a system of government, and in many ways is the envy of the world,” he said.

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Watch the queue from start to finish

“The Queen has held a unique and immortal place in all of our lives. We have been feeling this even more over the past few days as the world comes to terms with her passing.

“Your Majesty’s death has left a deep sense of loss in many people across many continents.

“The respect, admiration and affection with which the Queen bore her makes our task both humble and stressful at the same time. A great honor and responsibility.

“It is our aim and belief that the state funeral and events in the next few days will unite people around the world and resonate with people of all faiths, while fulfilling the wishes of Her Majesty and her family in a fitting tribute to an extraordinary reign.”

Procession to Wellington Arch

Members of the royal family will walk in procession from the Abbey to Wellington Arch.

The Queen will follow the Queen, Princess of Wales, Duchess of Sussex and Countess of Wessex by car.

The Queen's funeral procession will travel from Westminster Abbey to Windsor
The Queen’s funeral procession will travel from Westminster Abbey to Windsor

Big Ben will be pounding throughout this procession.

At Wellington Arch, the coffin will be moved to a state designated place and moved to Windsor.

The full path has not been revealed by Buckingham Palace, but the chair will travel down the Long Walk to the castle.

She will be joined by the king and other members of the royal family, who will follow on foot as the sarcophagus approaches the Gothic chapel.

Service in Windsor

There will be a procession led by a loose-fitting extension of cavalry, with pipes and barrels and a band of Cold Stream Guards. This will be followed by members of the Queen’s personal staff.

The road will be lined by the armed forces. Precision guns will fire and the bell will ring.

The Queen's motorcade will travel from Westminster Abbey to Windsor Castle
The Queen’s motorcade will travel from Westminster Abbey to Windsor Castle

The procession will stop at the western staircase of St. George’s Chapel, and the coffin will be carried inside.

There will be service to the Queen’s family, past and present.

At 4pm, the commissioning service will begin and the coffin will be lowered into the Royal Vault while the Dean of Windsor reads the Psalm.

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The Queen’s Corridor will play a lament as he walks away.

The Archbishop of Canterbury will bless, and the national anthem will be sung.

About 800 people will attend the service, including members of the Queen’s family and Royal Windsor staff.

St George's Church floor plan
St George’s Church floor plan


The burial service will be completely private – as a very personal family event, but it will take place at 7.30pm and will be run by the Dean of Windsor.

The land that will be spread over the sarcophagus will be collected from the royal mausoleum in Frogmore.

The Queen will be buried with her late husband Prince Philip at King George VI Memorial Chapel.

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