Royal fans complain about the ‘disrespectful’ gesture at the Queen’s motorcade – have you seen it?

Royal fans were united in their grief as they turned out in their thousands to watch the somber procession of the Queen’s sarcophagus this afternoon.

However, while the majority of mourners focused on bidding their final farewell to Her Majesty, some were accused of a “disrespectful” gesture.


King Charles walked behind the Queen’s coffin on their journey from Buckingham Palace to Westminster HallCredit: AFP
But royal fans were disgusted by the number of people who chose to film the procession, calling it a


But royal fans were disgusted by the number of people who chose to film the procession, calling it ‘disrespectful’.credit: ABC
Tears have been reduced on a lot of animation


Tears have been reduced on a lot of animationCredit: Tom Bowles/Story Picture Agency

Spectators lined the streets of the mall King Charles He and his family made the journey from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, where the Queen will be lie in state.

Among the tearful faces that filled the crowds today were hundreds of camera phones used to film the procession, a gesture many felt was in poor taste.

It comes in the form of…

One disapproving fan wrote on Twitter: “Currently watching Her Majesty’s motorcade being taken to Westminster Hall, I am genuinely disgusted with all the people who carry their phones and cameras, not a single person watching or living it.

“Shame. My thoughts go to the King, it must be a tough day.”

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His approval, another added: “It is very sad to see so many people in the crowd lining up the procession route with video and photo shoots rather than doing what I thought they were there for, to pay respects to our great Queen.”

“If you’re attending the Queen’s procession, mourn straight. A third complained. Put your phone away.

Another noted that this would not be appropriate behavior in any other mourning process.

“I find it strange that people are taking pictures and videos of the Queen’s coffin procession. Wouldn’t you hit your phone at any other funeral you wanted? I just find it strange,” they wrote.

Silence fell among tens of thousands of mourners who gathered in the capital to pay their respects to Her Majesty.

Silence permeates only a single shot gun Sound every minute with Big Ben to honor the Queen.

Even flights from Heathrow have been grounded to allow complete calm at Heathrow 38 minutes journey.

The Scots Guards and Bomb Guards Corps also play funeral marches throughout the procession to muffled drums.

Joining King Charles are other children of Her Majesty, Princess AnneAnd Prince Andrew and Prince Edward In a poignant display of respect.

His children Prince William and Prince Harry stand side by side They support each other in the heartbreaking march.


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queens grandson Peter Phillips, who previously stood between the two brothers at Prince Philip’s funeral, stands to Harry’s left to allow them to walk together.

Harry wears morning suit Instead of a military uniform like his family because he is no longer a working king.

two spouses Vice Admiral Sir Tim Lawrence He also joined the procession, as did the Duke of Gloucester and Earl Snowdon.

The Queen Consort, Kate Middleton, Sophie Wessex And Meghan Markle is all following by car.

Her Majesty’s coffin covered with a lid Royal Standard With an Imperial State crown set on a velvet cushion.

The wreath includes white roses, dahlias and foliage from the gardens in Balmoral and Windsor.

The Queen is carried on a cannon cart of the Royal Horse Artillery of the Royal Troops and flanked by the 1st Battalion of Bomb Guards.

Royal fans complain about gestures
Heartbroken fans say the same about Harry & William at the Queen Parade

Once in Westminster, you will conduct a 20-minute service led by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Westminster Hall doors will then open at 5pm Allow mourners to pass The coffin of the Queen as she lies in the state.