Selfish drivers criticized for ‘self-proclaimed’ parking after dumping £230,000 of Ferrari and £150,000 of Mercedes in illegal places

Deserving supercar drivers have been criticized for having “more money than courtesy” after parking their cars in illegal places.

People who live in Melbourne, Australia, say owners of luxury models including Mercedes and Ferraris drove them crazy, leaving their cars where they fancy.


Mercedes driver attacked for standing at zebra crossingCredit: Reddit
Meanwhile, a Ferrari owner left his car in a restricted area


Meanwhile, a Ferrari owner left his car in a restricted areaCredit: Reddit

A new Mercedes-Benz Coupe, worth £150,000, has been pictured unabashedly parked over a pedestrian crossing at Melbourne Zoo.

A passerby got tired of it, sharing a shot of a brazenly stopped engine on social media on Thursday with the caption: “This gizmo is at Melbourne Zoo today.”

Nearly 1,000 people piled on to criticize the driver in the comments on Reddit.

One user said, “Call a tow truck, these guys should learn that they can’t park where they want just because they presented a nice car.”

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Another added: “It seems perfectly reasonable to walk on top of the car or push a stroller next to it.

“It always amazes me when owners of such expensive cars expose them to such a danger.”

A third commented, “It can be confirmed that on the way back to our car, this car received a fine (although something tells me it won’t manage this person).”

Meanwhile, another rude supercar driver has infuriated other motorists by leaving their £230,000 white Ferrari in a conspicuously signed ‘no-stop’ zone in a city park.

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An angry bystander shared a photo of an illegally parked car on Reddit with the caption: “More than a compliment.”

One user said that a particular car was repeating the offense in the area, with the driver often stopping the car wherever he liked.

Another criticized: “When you have that kind of money, a parking ticket is usually cash in the pocket.”

Second responder: “Entitlement. Take a picture with the registration plate, and report to the appropriate board.”

In Melbourne, fines for parking tickets range from £55 to £110.

Meanwhile, near Dubai, thousands of supercars are standing rotting in a junkyard after they were dumped by wealthy owners Too lazy to sell it.

In scenes that will bring tears to the eyes of supercar fans, the world’s most luxurious engines including £165,000 Lamborghini are left gathering dust in the desert.

Each year, up to 3,000 cars are abandoned in Dubai, including Lamborghinis and Aston Martins with eye-drying price tags.

From Rolls Royces and Ferraris to Bentleys and Mercedes – many worth millions of pounds – the once glossy models are doomed to rot in the scrap yard.

Some have been inundated by high-flying businessmen, who were devastated before fleeing the country to avoid UEA’s strict debt laws and potential prison time.

Others are abandoned by wealthy owners who have a lot of money and are too lazy to sell their used cars.

In other cases, drivers have crashed their luxury cars and decided they had to do more to fix it – so simply buy a new one and leave the engines stranded.