Sophie’s son Tuscan de Blantiere was unable to attend tonight’s memorial party as he was ‘shocked’ by renewed focus on his mother’s murder

son of a murder victim Sophie Tuscan de Blantyre She can’t attend the big concert tonight in her memory because he was once again shocked by the increased international interest in the case.

Airy-Louis Boddy-Vignod turned 39 this year – the same age as his mother when she was murdered outside her vacation home in Tormore, West Cork, in December 1996. Her only child was just 14 at the time.

His great-uncle, a successful Paris businessman who still runs the house where the murder took place and visits his family, has had bouts of depression over the case recently.

Jean-Pierre Gazzot said: “Of course he is very pleased with this concert in Scholl in memory of his mother and we as a family have a very strong desire to participate. But he has been exposed a lot in the past two or three years. He gave a lot of interviews about the issue in those moments. , when there were great TV documentaries and new interest around the world.


Jean-Pierre Gazot with flowers at home at Sophie’s Holiday Home this week. Photo: Sinan Moloney

“He’s been depressed for a while outside of those events, because he’s been brought back to what happened. He can’t overexpose himself emotionally too often.”

Mr. Baudey-Vignaud appeared Late Late Show In September 2021 I made a sincere plea for people to come forward – and later received a lot of mail from Ireland.

Gazzo said the constant wait for positive developments in the unresolved case is stressful in itself.

“We have a conviction in France, but here in Ireland where it happened we still don’t have the truth or justice, because the killer is still free. We don’t know exactly what happened,” he said.

“We need to know what happened. I think it is very important for the family and for all the people, the Irish public, to know the truth.”

“What was the motive behind this horrific crime? What are the causes? So it is very important for us to have a special team of police now in place to resume their investigations and possibly take the case to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in Ireland.

“And of course, we hope this time the DPP will take a positive view of the work the police have done.

“We know there are people out there who can help bring the killer to justice, even after all this time. We know that, so please do it.”


Ian Bailey will not be attending Sophie Tuscan de Blantyre’s memorial concert at the Habour Hotel in Scholl, Co Cork tonight. Bailey, the prime suspect in the murder of Mrs. de Blantiere, has been barred from the hotel where the concert will be held. Photo: Mark Kondrin

while, Ian Bailey He will not be attending the private memorial party at the Habour Hotel in Scholl, Co Cork tonight.

No ticket was provided and there was no approach from the man who admitted he was the prime suspect in the infamous 1996 crime, which Taoiseach called “a disgrace to Irish society”.

In any case, Mr. Bailey, who did not respond to yesterday’s attempt to call, is denied entry to the hotel where the party will be held tonight, due to a separate inconvenience said to have occurred in the building, which independent It was mentioned in the emails.

Bailey, 65, was convicted of the murder in France but has long protested his innocence, and his lawyer called those proceedings a farce. Irish courts have refused to extradite the criminals. Mr. Bailey, who describes himself as a journalist and poet, now plans three podcasts to highlight his history and position on the issue.

Mrs. de Blantyre’s uncle, Mr. Gazo, traveled to Ireland yesterday to represent the family at the Remember Me party, which was organized on a not-for-profit basis by locals to show solidarity in their ongoing suffering.

Mr. Gazeau brought private letters from Mrs. du Plantier’s parents, Georges Buoniol (96) and his wife Marguerite (91), in which they thanked the community for its support during a full Garda investigation.

“We cannot be with you, but we are with you with all our hearts,” Margaret tells those present.


Sophie Tuscan de Blantyre was murdered near her holiday home in West Cork on December 23, 1996. Photo: Patrick Zimmerman/AFP via Getty Images

Her husband, George, a former dentist, sent one sentence: “Sophie desperately wanted to be Irish.”

Her body was found outside her holiday home in Toormore, West Cork, on the morning of Monday, December 23, 1996. She was in her pajamas and shoes and had suffered multiple blows to the skull from a rock and heavy concrete block. .

“We think Sophie knew her killer, because she opened the door – even if she was probably carrying a little red axe to protect her,” said Mr. Gazo. independent. “She may have used it, because it has been missing since that night. Perhaps it was a martial strike that drove her killer crazy and made him kill her in a fit of rage.”

He added: “We still get letters and reports all the time from Ireland, with people calling. Often just out of sympathy. For example, this summer we received Sophie’s name bracelets that someone made for the family.


The place where Sophie Tuscan de Blantiere was murdered, is near her vacation home, in West Cork. Photo: Mark Kondrin

“People tell us they know who did it, and one name comes up all the time. The family has to leave it up to Garda, and pass on anything that might be of use to them. They contact us every now and then. To inform us of progress. We are hopeful and hopeful that a new investigation will come.” results”.

The concert will feature guitarists, cellists, violinists and other instrumentalists, along with tenor and soprano melodies. A mix of classical, operatic, and modern music loved by Mrs. de Blantiere, it will be peppered with poems, including her favorite, William Butler Yeats.

A book was found beside her bed after her murder, open in Yeats’ poem death dream. Mr. Gazo will address the gathering, which will include prominent members of the Garda re-investigation team.

One of the programs for the event includes a note in Sophie’s diary: “I really like this country … I feel comfortable here. I like to find a home and stay there for a while.” The 17 listed shows will conclude with Edith Piaf’s classic: flowering life.