Souness returns to Grealish ‘cheeky chappy’ and reveals why she chose Pogba

The feud between Graeme Souness and Jack Grealish continued after the Liverpool legend hit back at the Manchester City player following his comments on Wednesday.

It was a war of words this week between Souness and Grealish, who brought us some much-needed content and entertainment during the international break.

modes clock: Grealish v Souness is the faux runner that only International Weekend (and the media) can love

In all seriousness, the way the media spun all of this was more fun than seeing the actual words coming out of Souness and Grealish’s mouths. MediaWatch was great today.

to start runner In question, the former Liverpool midfielder was approaching some difficulty in his assessment of the City and England winger earlier this week.

Souness said Grealish is a “good footballer”, “not a great player” and that he is “not doing enough”.

The 27-year-old had already said after his first goal of the season against Wolverhampton on Saturday that he was disappointed with his performances for City and in particular his lack of assists and goals.

So I suppose the England international has already agreed with Souness that he “didn’t do enough”. Although if you don’t have anything nice to say, Graeme, don’t bother saying it, please.

In what was widely seen as the Grealish swiping back After Souness’s comments, the former Aston Villa captain laughed at what happened Sky Sports The critic had to say.

“I don’t know what his problem is with me,” Grealish said with a smirk. “He always says things about me! But I try not to read too much of it.

“Listen, he was obviously a great player and won a lot but I know he has a lot of things… I don’t know what he is with what he says about me or what the problem is he has. I know my own ability.”

And now here we are, Souness responded TalkSPORT.

The former Rangers coach and player says he has no problem with Grealish and that he actually “would like to spend a night with him”.

I’m sure Jack is very annoying and will prioritize getting your number, Graeme.

“I don’t have a problem with Grealish, I don’t have a problem with anyone,” Souness said.

“I think he’s a good player, he’s great technically, but being really good technical is only part of the game. I don’t think we can criticize the modern player.

“I’m sure if I met Jack I would really like him. He’s a nice guy and I’d like to spend a night with him too, but I just feel like a modern player doesn’t take criticism very well.”

Souness has always had something to say about former Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba, who left the Red Devils to join Juventus on a free transfer this summer.

His comments on the Frenchman were often harsh and unnecessary, and Souness has now explained why he liked to catch him.

“When I was going in Pogba, it was because it was Manchester United and my connections with Liverpool, I think I was the first to call up Pogba as a middle player in our league, and I think I got 100 per cent at the end of the day.”

In fairness to Souness, Pogba was never the player expected to be in the Premier League, So it may have been proven correct.