Specialized releases affordable Roval Rapide CL II wheels, new tubeless Turbo tires

here in cycling newsWe recently spent some time at Wind tunnel with 10 sets of wheels I found that the difference between the best and the worst was less than 2 watts at 30 km/h. With that in mind, our closing advice was to “get in the ballpark” with a budget set of pneumatic wheels and spend the teams elsewhere. For anyone heeding that advice, there’s a new option to consider, as today Roval revealed a new, cheaper version of the highway racing wheel.

The new set of wheels, known as the Rapide CL II, will use exactly the same rims as its more expensive sibling, at 160 II, but are paired with a cheaper hub with cheaper speakers for an affordable all-in-one package. They are accompanied by three new tire offerings from the specialized parent company Roval.

Ruval Rapid CL II: Aero and the Affordable (more)