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Next week day Back and forthAfter the shooting, Rose takes a big risk to help Cash move on.

Elsewhere, Nikau considers pursuing a reunion with Bella, while Justin faces the consequences of his latest spontaneous decision.

Here’s a full compilation of nine moments to come.

1. Justin was challenged for his Lyrik decision

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Leah gives Justin a hard time after deciding to use some of his shared savings To buy a Lyrik pickup truck. Justin insists he is only trying to support Theo and promote his own business, as the car includes a sponsorship letter for Summer Bay Auto.

Leah accuses Justin of more selfish motives, claiming that he is using the situation to pursue his lost musical dreams. However, after some persuasion, Leah agrees to be more supportive.

2. Criticism struggles to adapt

Nicholas Cartwright as Newman Criticized Home & Away

Jeremy GriffChannel 5

Cash tries to escape from his hospital room to get some answers on the shooting incidentWho struggles to remember after waking up from his coma. Dr. Bri He points out that Cash is too weak to empty himself – and her prediction proves correct when he collapses before he reaches the hospital room door.

Bree Cash is encouraged to seek psychological help after his recent issues. Cash later pleads to see Felicity, admitting he’s not coping. When Cash asks Felicity how her nervous breakdown is feeling, she is concerned about her brother’s mental health.

3. Rose breaks the rules to help Cash

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Felicity urges Rose to find a way to help Cash, believing her to be partially responsible for the shooting that occurred in the first place.

Rose states that she cannot provide Cash with any official details to the police due to the ongoing investigation, but Felicity is not interested in these technical aspects.

Taking a high risk of violating police protocol, Rose Cash prepares the police dossier on the shooting. Cash is relieved to read that biker gang leader Marty shot him first and only responded in self-defence.

4. Tani fears for his reputation

nikau and tane parata at home and outside

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Tani still faces questions from friends and neighbors about his participation in biker gang accident. He cannot answer them, because the success of the covert operation depends on his silence.

Dean offers help and support to Tane, who is grateful to have a new friend. Unfortunately, things only get worse when Jun Tani warns of it At risk of losing gym lease Because of the negative press attention surrounding Paratas.

5. Kirby decides to call off things with Theo

theo poulos serenades kirby aramoana at home and away

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Kirby spends the night in Theo’s bedroom after teasing the band on the truck, but their secret relationship comes close to being revealed when Leah and Justin get close to catching up the next morning.

Theo sees the funny side of the situation, but Kirby is not amused and points out the inevitable classes to follow. If Aiden and Remy find out… about their relationship. I decided it was time to cancel the ejaculation, leaving Theo sad.

6. Theo fights for another chance

theo poulos serenades kirby aramoana at home and away

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She told Theo Kirby that she thinks with her head, not her heart, after her decision to end their relationship.

Theo tries to convince Kirby By singing an original love song. Kirby is won over and reunited with Theo, but she remains adamant that their relationship should be kept secret.

7. Nikao announced that he is leaving for New York

Theo Paulos and Nico Baratta at home and away

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Nikau struggles with many happy couples at bay after his split from Bella. He confides in Theo about his plans to travel to New York and see Bella.

Dean is worried when he finds out that Nikau is planning to tell Bella the real reason why he ended their relationship. With the lawsuit still on the horizon and the biker gang’s case not fully resolved, Dean Niko warns that it’s not the time to get Bella involved.

Dean eventually convinces Nico to do what’s best for Bella. Stay in Summer Bay.

8. Ru’s new disciple is keeping a secret

Roe Stewart at home and away

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Roe meets a new teaching student, heather, who is trying to compile a law school application. Heather explains that she is eager to become a lawyer and help people.

Heather, who shares her backstory, reveals that she was in an affair with a married man when she was working as his housekeeper. They had a child together, but Heather was pressured to give up the child.

Later, Heather shows an unusual curiosity about Marilyn and secretly takes a picture of her.

9. Dean and Ziggy try to move on

Dean Thompson at home and away

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Dean is still concerned about Remy’s recent flirtatious behavior around Ziggy. Ziggy makes it clear that she doesn’t care about Remy, but she’s missing out on a sense of privacy now that she and Dean are no longer on the couple’s exciting new stage.

Dean takes this on board and surprises Ziggy with a spontaneous surfing trip.

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