Spoilers in and out – Ziggy and Remy spend the night together

Next week day Back and forth In the UK, Ziggy and Remy spend an unexpected night together, while Marilyn has a confession to Ro…

When Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) reluctantly agrees to help Summer Bay newcomer Remy Carter (Adam Rowland) find a new touring car, she knows it’s likely to cause some problems with her boyfriend Dean (Patrick O’Connor).

Remy’s banter with Ziggy during Lyrik’s first gig in Salt several weeks ago, immediately saw him standing on the wrong side of Dean, who gently warned him that he would take his guitar off his ass if he put a finger on his girlfriend.

Always upbeat when it came to the ladies, Remy didn’t give up, even if his gentle flirtations only served to end Dean for his own amusement.

Meanwhile, everything changed for Remy Lyrik’s band, after the departure of lead singer Bob (Rob Mallet), who exited Summer Bay in the group’s truck.

While Remy and his bandmates Eden (Stephanie Banuzzo) and Kirby (Angelina Thompson) were able to replace Bob with local talent Theo (Matt Evans), the truck issue would be more complicated… and expensive!

When Remy asked Ziggy, being a local mechanic, if she was able to help with the search, she agreed on the condition that Remi stop harassing Dean. While Dean was clearly not too happy that Ziggy was providing Remi’s services, she did point out that by helping the band, she was also helping her rookie Theo.

She quickly assured her dean that she had indeed found a pickup truck, which was a deal for only $10,000, so she wouldn’t help Remy any longer.

However, when Remy told Ziggy that he was looking for something more than $0-$3000, Ziggy realized that it would last longer than expected, and Mackenzie (Emily Weir) begged not to tell Dean when she found her continuing the search.

With this week coming to a close, Ziggy tells Dean that she should see a customer in the garage, but she actually goes to tell Remy that she’s found another potential truck—the only problem is that it’s two hours away.

Realizing that Remy won’t know what to look for, Ziggy offers to drive it herself…. What could possibly go wrong?

When we return to the event next week, Ziggy and Remy finally arrive at a rundown property where they meet salesman Carl (Matt Hardy).

Karl is keen to take the truck off his hands because the property is for sale, and a one-time quick bid seems to show that all is well.

Back in the bay, he began to ask questions about Ziggy’s absence.

Theo has a TAFE assignment due later that day, and he still hasn’t received his comments from Ziggy. Justin (James Stewart) asks Dean where Ziggy is, but is confused when Dean points out that Justin asked her to see a client…. Which customer?

Dean’s calls to Ziggy go unanswered, and with the knowledge that Ziggy lied, his interest begins to grow – both Justin and Dean know how committed Ziggy is to coaching Theo.

Mac is eventually forced to admit to Dean that Ziggy is with Remi, and Dean is not a fan…

Ziggy and Remi return from their test drive after discovering some bugs, and after agreeing on $3,000, they embark on a long journey back to Summer Bay.

Dean is relieved when Ziggy finally answers her phone, but she quickly cuts it off when she notices smoke rising from the truck’s exhaust. Apparently a blown head gasket – lemons sold out!

When Ziggy and Remi return to the property, they angrily confront Carl, who has promised to pay their money back as he directs them to the shed.

But as soon as they enter, Carl locks the door, locks them, and steals Ziggy’s car!

With no way to escape, and with their phones left in the vehicles, Ziggy and Remi are forced to spend the night in a shed in the middle of nowhere, as Dean’s anxiety grows into paranoia…

Will anyone be able to track down Ziggy and Remy?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Roe (George Parker) is injured when Marilyn (Emily Simmons) admits she was cheating on her.

Rowe put up a poster in the restaurant advertising her services as a special educator, but was appalled by the lack of response. When a new, bolder poster failed to capture anyone’s attention, Marilyn could see that Roe’s confidence was affected.

Marilyn decided to take matters into her own hands, and secretly took some numbers from the label, hoping to give Roe the boost she needed.

While Roe was happy that more numbers were slowly disappearing, she was still puzzled about the fact that no one called her, which only made Marilyn remove more numbers, until she was caught by Roe’s father Alf. Ray Major!

Marilyn admitted what she was going to do, realized she hadn’t quite thought of it, and agreed to Alf’s suggestion that she got clean.

Next week, Marilyn nervously looks at the poster when Roe comes to the restaurant.

In an attempt to provide her with coffee butter and a huge cake, Marilyn only causes confusion when she begins to wander about wanting the best for Roux.

When Marilyn then pulled all the label numbers out of her pocket, Roe quickly realized that it was Marilyn who took them.

I took a few things to make it look like I was wanted,Marilyn explains. “Then I thought a lot of people would start calling!

Roe can’t help but stare frankly at what Marilyn had just said.

The plan was better in my head…Marilyn admits.

You think?Roe answers dry.

While Roe explains that she can handle rejection, she tells Marilyn so this is It’s just insulting, before you walk out of the restaurant.

Did Marilyn ruin her friendship with Roe?

Here are the full spoilers for next week Back and forth Episodes in the UK:

Monday, September 19 (Episode 7856)

The search for Ziggy’s truck goes off the road. Dean fears that Ziggy is in unsafe hands. Clean Marilyn.

Tuesday, September 20 (Episode 7857)

Tani and Nekau are front page news. Dean grows worried about Ziggy. Remy must face the music.

Wednesday, September 21 (Episode 7858)

Will a bust Niko cost cyclist his dream job? Court pressure sends Rose packing. Felicity gets her family back.

Thursday, September 22 (Episode 7859)

Cash opens to Bree. Theo and Kirby struggle to deny their chemistry. Tani drops his sword to Nikau.

Friday, September 23 (Episode 7860)

Justin finances the band. Cash and Rose are paralyzed with guilt. Could Theo and Kirby just be friends?