Stellaris 3.5 Fornax free update adds a new Beginner difficulty setting today

Epic sci-fi strategy Stellaris The Toxoid paid genres bundle is seeing its launch today, but there’s a big free update coming in the form of the Fornax 3.5 patch as well. Paradox has added a new difficulty setting aimed at easing up on new players aboard the Stellaris’ long-distance interstellar boat, along with some new tweaks that they hope will challenge more experienced players. The update also rebalances the effects, improves the user interface, artificial intelligence, and brings back culture workers.

Paradox says they have received requests for a lower difficulty setting after a series of tweaks to the game’s AI over the past few updates. The new Civilian difficulty level setting aims to address this, which gives players higher rewards for resources from jobs and station, nautical ability, stability and trade value than if they played on a cadet (which is still the default difficulty setting), as well as a bonus toward completing first contact.

The free 3.5 Fornax update for Stellaris arrives today, along with the paid Toxoids bundle.

You may think this is a little unhelpful if you are a Stellaris vet. Fortunately, Paradox anticipates that, and they’re tinkering with more options for scaling up the difficulty with the 3.5 Fornax update. There are now three options for this: off, mid-game, or late. Set it to mid-game and you’ll see AI rewards ranging from zero to set difficulty by mid-game start year. Late-Game works like the previous version of the game in terms of scaling difficulty. Paradox also added new settings to increase AI rewards at higher difficulties as the game progresses, and an option to play each crisis type in sequence as the power increases.

Culture workers also returned with popular demand after a period of absence from the game. They now have a base output of 4 units and maintenance costs of 3 FMCG, with variable effects based on the governing ethics of your community. These effects are multiplied for fanatical ethics, too. You can see the details of what ethics create and what outputs over here. Historians of death are cultural workers now, too, with Galactic Memorials replacing regular memorials.

Fornax also rebalances the effects, changing a lot of positive and negative effects. The Relics of Crisis have been polished to reflect what Paradox calls the players’ “victory roll,” while the remnants of the lesser-known Precursor have also been polished. Meanwhile, other effects have been scaled down to bring it in line with the rest, some of which are overcome if you get your hands on them too early in the game.

There are a bunch of other tweaks in update 3.5 Fornax, mostly UI and AI improvements. Paradox says they were working on making the AI ​​competitive but believable in the Stellaris story. These changes include reducing AI fleet lag during wars, the AI’s ability to build defensive platforms, and making it wiser when building orbital ring units and mega structures. Fornax offers a whole host of performance improvements as well. You can read the full patch notes for 3.5 Fornax over here.

It’s been so long since we were in the beginning Browse Stellarisbut it is still one of the Best strategy games And the The best space games on PC today. The game has changed a lot since its launch thanks to many free and paid updates, which I have done recently Talk to the development team about In light of the six-year anniversary of its founding. We discussed everything from the biggest sci-fi influences to how they work to make Stellaris more accessible to new players.

The Stellaris 3.5 Fornax update arrives today, along with the Toxoids Type Pack. You can find the base game steam And the Gog.