Stu Carpenter of Coronation Street follows new evidence in the murder story

Coronation Street spoilers Follow.

Stu’s past has come back well and really came back to haunt him in Coronation StreetAnd it looks like he may be ready for more scenes trouble to air on ITV next week.

Stowe was sent to prison for the murder of a woman named Charlie. But in another development, he insists he is innocent and the only reason he admitted was because of a corrupt, heavy-handed detective.

Jasmine, Alia, and Zidane all believe in Stu and promise to do everything they can to help clear his name. And Jasmine doubles down on that next week when she sees how bad things are at Speed ​​Daal due to the reputation that Stu has.


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She promised him that they would turn things around and reiterated her eagerness to help prove he was innocent all the time.

Hope comes soon to Stu when DD Discovering loopholes in the case the police had against him, she suggests they speak to Stu’s daughter Bridget to review her mother’s statement.

But Bridget only supports what her mother said, does not cope well with the interrogation and even threatens to call the police.

But another prologue soon emerges when Dee-Dee finds the address of Lennox, the officer originally in charge of Stu’s case – but Stu takes it upon himself to head straight there.

Coronation Street


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As Stu knocks on Lennox’s door to demand answers, is he about to make things much worse for himself than they already are?

As for newcomer Channique Sterling-Brown, whose character Dee-Dee is set to play a vital role in Stu’s story, it turns out that playing the attorney isn’t an extension of her.

Talking to digital spy About joining the offerSterling Brown revealed that she was originally a lawyer herself:

She explained, “I wasn’t originally going to drama school and was going to practice law.” “I got a place in law school, but at the last minute dropped out and decided to pursue drama school.”

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