The OG app says it can take you to your old Instagram

The OG app does not display the add-ons in its version of the Instagram feed, and the company claims it never will. picture: Un1feed / AND APP Instagram seems to be stuck in an accelerating spiral of app updates, discAnd the New featuresAnd the the changes. The conclusion is now different It was before — … Read more

The Sony Foxy Cooper franchise deserves to have a comeback

picture: Sucker Punch Productions / PlayStation Studios Earlier in the summer, PlayStation developer lollipop punch He revealed that despite months of rumors to the contrary, no one – not himself or another developer – had been following up on either wicked cooper or Disreputable privileges. With the studio now focusing on what’s likely a file … Read more

TikTok’s new VR headset competes with Meta on price

The Pico 4 headset is the closest, most powerful virtual reality device to the Meta Quest 2 we’ve seen so far. screenshot: Pico / Bite Dance Meta is terrified of TikTok Tyranny Being in the social media market, and now it looks like the company behind the app, ByteDance, will be getting Meta’s own stake … Read more

Will Rockstar Hack Delay Grand Theft Auto 6?

picture: Luca Lorenzelli (stock struggle) What, if any, impact will the severe hack earlier this week have on Rockstar Games’ business? Game publisher Systems have been hacked Just days ago, what some call the biggest breakthrough of its kind in recent memory. Known for popular perks like Red Death The grand theft autoRockstar said it … Read more

Users are taking advantage of the Twitter remote work bot

Unfortunately for a Twitter-based AI bot, users have found that a simple exploit in its code can force it to say anything it wants.picture: Patrick Daxenbechler (stock struggle) Have you ever wanted to highlight artificial intelligence? Well, now you can, and it takes no more than a few text strings to know. One Twitter-based bot … Read more

Square-Enix’s Fabulous Ruins Final Fantasy VII Characters with NFTs

picture: Square-Enix Collectibles When Square-Enix, one of the world’s most popular game publishers, announced that it was going to launch delves into The World of NFTs – Even with the world of NFTs crashing and burning around it – players were worried about how they would play, and everything from Final Fantasy to uh *check … Read more

The guts of the latest PS5 look different from previous versions

Although the latest PS5 2022 release has reduced the spacing between the device’s internals, the original look and design of its chassis remains exactly the same.picture: Girts Raggles (stock struggle) How would you best describe what the PlayStation 5 looks like? Personally, I would call it a whale’s arched fins in a painful stinging body … Read more

Reddit tweaks feed to dropdown, first of many changes

Hey, a feed full of perfect BTS content for the day.picture: STRF / STAR MAX / IPx (AP) Reddit changes your feed. company Advertise a job for p/reddit on wednesday It will be rolling out a continuous series of changes, improvements and updates to the core users Feed for the next few months. The first … Read more