A family vacation in Orlando has become a magical dream come true – The Irish Times

My well-traveled friend Lisa recommended packing anti-chafing underwear. After another exhausting day of walking, queuing, and playing at amusement parks in Orlando, Florida this past Easter, my thighs felt relieved that I took her advice. On paper, this family vacation was a nightmare. Being the sedentary type, I’m generally not a fan of nonessential walking, … Read more

I’ve been with my partner exclusively for 18 years, but he was in an open relationship – The Irish Times

Dear Ru, I met my partner 18 years ago. On paper he is the perfect man (charming, intelligent, witty, skilled cook); Unfortunately, it turns out that he is in some kind of open relationship, while I am not. Obviously we should have discussed what kind of relationship we wanted when we started dating, but maybe … Read more