Take-Two Ditches Outriders The latest action adventure for developers

screenshot: people can fly Developer People Can Fly just received another hit of bad news. Having learned earlier this year that The studio didn’t see a penny profit Outriders During 2021, it has now been revealed that Rockstar parent company Take-Two and 2K Games have made clear their intent to forgo publishing the PCF follow-up … Read more

YouTuber admits to being a gaming industry leaker, gets arrested

picture: Ubisoft / Dan Allen Gaming / Kotaku It turns out that a Twitter account called TheRealInsider, the latest in a group of leakers pretending to be familiar with the gaming industry, was actually operated by YouTuber Dan Allen Gaming. The account convinced many in the scene that it was the real deal after a … Read more

Square-Enix’s Fabulous Ruins Final Fantasy VII Characters with NFTs

picture: Square-Enix Collectibles When Square-Enix, one of the world’s most popular game publishers, announced that it was going to launch delves into The World of NFTs – Even with the world of NFTs crashing and burning around it – players were worried about how they would play, and everything from Final Fantasy to uh *check … Read more

Key Bravely’s Apple Arcade launch title, The Octopath Crew is out now on Switch

participation in Nintendo Live on me Youtube Did you know that some of the people who worked on bravely And the Octopate A series that made a game for Apple Arcade? Our minds could have been budged too! Until yesterday, on Nintendo Direct, different daily life suddenly appeared. This simplified service was launched in 2019, … Read more

Square Enix is ​​shutting down the worst PS5 game of the year

picture: Square Enix / Platinum Games Today, publisher Square Enix and developer Platinum Games finally did what everyone had been expecting from the start: we announced fall of Babylon It will close during its first year. Although I’m hardly surprised, it’s still bad. People paid $60 for this game Only six months ago, and less … Read more