Apex Legends Devs are sick of being harassed by players

Respawn Entertainment took to Twitter this week with a permit Condemns the “increased harassment” its employees have faced over a variety of issues that have plagued the popular battle royale shooter Apex Legends. In the statement, Respawn said that while it “loves to hear feedback” from the community, attacking the developers isn’t sound constructive criticism. … Read more

Old electronics become unique Minecraft coins in tech retailer Elkjøp’s recycling initiative

Producing electronics like a phone or computer requires extracting precious metals and minerals from our natural resources, and the world is running out of them. Recycling these electronics and the materials inside is a great solution to a more sustainable industry, however, most of us have old or outdated electronics with precious materials inside that … Read more

Games ‘Insider’ leak has been revealed as just a YouTuber breaking barriers and non-disclosure agreements

Basim Ubisoft There is always one person who makes everything more difficult for us, and today, that man is Dan Allen, a Youtube who recently revealed himself as an anonymous leaker in the gaming industry, The Real Insider. Real Insider is publishing inside information about a lot of projects over time, the latest being the … Read more

Huge Grand Theft Auto 6 leak shows a woman driving, driving, shooting

picture: rock games user on GTAForumswho claims to have also been behind Uber’s latest hackHe just dropped nearly 100 videos online claiming to show Rockstar development footage Grand Theft Auto VI, which is currently circulating across almost every social media platform. Matching a lot of what or what Bloomberg mentioned earlier this year-Including that the … Read more