What is it and how can it be fixed

The modern war 2 The beta version appears to be riddled with various performance issues across its multiple platforms from PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Players have reported a large number of bugs and error codes that cause the game to crash on their systems, which does not allow them to enjoy the beta phase of … Read more

5 Games Coming to PlayStation State of Play (September 2022)

PlayStation has announced a State of Play event that will feature new announcements and updates for PS4And the upcoming PS5 and PSVR2. Although PlayStation has not confirmed the games and updates, they will be shown during the upcoming event. The publishing giant has hinted at revealing a new game, updates on already announced titles, and … Read more

How to enable voice chat in the game

When it comes to multiplayer games, connectivity is of vital importance as it is a necessary component of teamwork and strategy, and Nintendo’s latest offering, Splatoon 3Not surprisingly, this fact. Communication through text messages, emotions, map signals or voice chat are all essential aspects of any competitive shooting game. Voice chat, in particular, is essential … Read more

Cyberpunk 2077 may be ‘first of many’ as developers can start improving performance by ditching older generation consoles

a few days ago, Cyberpunk 2077 movie It became a topic of discussion after the announcement by CD Projekt Red. While a brand new expansion has been announced for 2023, older generation console users won’t be able to enjoy the benefits. CD Projekt Red has determined that the game will not be actively supported on … Read more

“Wait, what is f**k?” – Mazkaf was left stunned after he watched a video clip showing him and Amiru that gained 163 million views

Twitch star MatthewMizkif” He was baffled after discovering that a YouTube short featuring him and fellow Twitch content producer Emily “Amiri” had garnered more than 163 million views on the platform. Before his first show IRL lesson gameshow, which features online notables like Bonnie, Zoil, Simply and Emiru, Mazkief wanted to know the number of … Read more

How to get and use cutting ability in Splatoon 3

Like any multiplayer title, Nintendo Splatoon 3 It comes with a variety of in-game currency which players will be able to use to unlock different items in the shooter. Ability Chunks is one of the most important currencies in the game, and it is one of the best ways for players to unlock certain abilities … Read more

How to easily navigate Gros Caillou in Les Invalides

The Steelrising role-playing game for developers Spiders offers an interesting new spin on traditional like souls Formula, with an interesting setting that combines elements of history, steampunk, and science fiction. Steelrising also offers a versatile combat system, which gives players plenty of options to change their playing style, using a large number of weapons, armor, … Read more

How to get more emoticons in Splatoon 3

Emotes are often a fun way to express oneself in a multiplayer game, and Nintendo Splatoon 3 Players are allowed to make the most of tokens in the introduction of the new franchise. The latest installment in the Splatoon series has a lot of symbols that they will get their hands on whenever they play … Read more

Asmongold is really surprised by Blizzard’s generosity in the new Warcraft patch

Zack”Asmongold“One of the most popular online live streamers on Twitch. He is a true giant when it comes to World of Warcraft. With over three million followers under his belt, the creator has maintained an astounding 72K viewership on his main account in the past year. Asmongold has been an outspoken critic of Blizzard’s policies, … Read more

Pokemon Unite players discuss whether Greedent’s Bullet Seed has been mined

bugs in pokemon unite It’s nothing new, and despite the developers’ good intentions, it’s there. While some of the glitches may not cause much of a headache, the problem expands when they affect the very things that players play. Greed may be suffering from one, and it can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the Pokemon. … Read more