The John Giles Foundation will be terminated by FAI

Irish Football Association (FAI) for the closure of the John Giles Foundation, a non-profit fundraising organization.

It was revealed in 2019 that FAI, under the leadership of John Delaneyits then-CEO, paid more than €500,000 to Con Martin Jr., a former footballer, for the concept of the foundation, sponsorship of the walk and the idea of ​​buying a group kit.

The details of these payments are unknown to Mr. Giles, who has submitted the rights to his image to FAI to use with the foundation free of charge.

In its statement this afternoon, the FA said the foundation, which was formed in 2008, had helped raise more than €700,000 for grassroots football and that €55,000 was due to be donated to an all-school football program marking its closure. .

The idea for the foundation was formed after Mr. Giles hosted for years a classic golf tournament to raise funds for good causes.

John Giles has always been a pioneer in Irish football and we are delighted that Football for All and our schools will benefit from the ultimate work of his foundation

Mr. Giles said: “I am delighted that our final donation of €55,000 will enrich the lives of footballers for all through the innovative FAI Schools Program and I wish all those who would benefit from the same happiness I have enjoyed all my life with our game.”

Colm Young, chair of the Football for All Committee of the FA, welcomed the €55,000 donation. The program promotes football among players with additional needs.

“On behalf of everyone associated with the FAI Schools, and especially on behalf of all students who will benefit from this program, I would like to thank John Giles and everyone involved with the Foundation for this wonderful gesture,” said Mr. Young.

“John Giles has always been a pioneer in Irish football and we are delighted that Football for Everyone and our schools will benefit from the ultimate work of his foundation.”

Clubs participating in the John Giles “Walk of Dreams” sponsored walking tours organized by the Foundation retained half of the money raised through the sponsorship, while the remaining half was given to grassroots clubs selected by the Foundation.

The main rally at the 2011 Dublin 1st event was the centerpiece of RTÉ 1 . radio station Liveline The episode when a number of participants complained about poor organization and lack of toilets.

Mr Giles went on air to apologize for the prices of food and drinks and the absence of the promised Irish international players at the rally’s end point at Aviva Stadium.

Giles, the former Irish manager and player who has had an impressive career with Manchester United, Leeds United and Shamrock Rovers, continued in a statement today that he wants to give back to football.

“I can say without fear of contradiction that I would not have become a professional player without the support, facilities and structure that the game of football has given me through my club, league and school student union,” he said.

“Student football not only kept me and my classmates healthy and out of trouble, but also gave me the foundation for a life-changing career to pursue. This would not have happened without that beginning and that is why I was very pleased to have been asked Submitting my name and support to the John Giles Foundation in 2008.

“It is a source of pride for me and my family to acknowledge that over €700,000 has been raised and distributed to popular clubs looking after boys and girls across Ireland by the John Giles Foundation.

“I know from my many trips to these clubs in every corner of the country the difference that funding has made in the wonderful, dynamic and generous work of these clubs.

“Like everything else, the foundation work stopped during the Covid-19 pandemic and I wasn’t any younger, so it was time to wind down the foundation’s work.

“In doing so, I would like to put on record my appreciation for the support of FAI and thank the many people within the association for everything they have done for the Foundation. I want to especially thank Pat Duffy for his dedication, insight and kindness through the years, without him the Foundation would not have been so successful.

Mr Giles said he would leave the institution with a “heavy heart”.

“I would also like to thank all those who have helped us along the way over the years for their dedicated work and a word of thanks also to my dear friend Oliver Barry for his generous provision of Hollystown Golf Club to so many events over the life of the institution.”

Mr Giles said he was leaving the foundation “with a heavy heart” but knew good work would be done by FAI under its current CEO, Jonathan Hill.

“I know Jonathan and the association share my view that every boy and girl deserves the best opportunity to enjoy football and develop their skills to the best of their abilities,” said Mr. Giles.

“Our volunteers across all our clubs are committed to this ambition, their contribution is enormous and they are the true champions of our game. I wish them all well and thank them all for making my footballing life even richer.”

Mr Hill said: “John Giles is a legend in the Irish game and his contribution to grassroots football through the John Giles Foundation has been tremendous over the past 14 years.

“On behalf of the FA and the wider Irish football community, I would like to thank John for his fantastic work with the Foundation and wish him and his family well for the future.”