There are no three sides to the story.

Swansea head coach Russell Martin has said Michael Obafemi will return to the squad when he “restores confidence” from his teammates, staff and fans at the club – but insisted he has no personal issue with the Ireland striker.

Martin also dismissed Irish coach Stephen Kenny’s assertion that there are “two or three sides to every story” as to why Obafemi will not be at Swansea’s side this month.

The 22-year-old striker was linked with a move on the set day to Burnley, but the transfer failed, with the Swansea boss reportedly unhappy with Obafemi’s reaction.

“He will return to the team when he earns the right to return to the team, and he will return to the team when he earns the right to return to the team,” Martin said today at a press conference. Before his team’s game against Hull City tomorrow.

He said the international break could help Obafemi. “I hope he gets a few minutes on the field and I think that will help him both physically and mentally. Sometimes going on an international assignment can give you a break from the norm…Going your way and representing your country can give you a little bit of energy, especially when you come back, Especially if it goes well. So I hope he goes like he did for them in the summer, it’s been great for them.”

Martin said he was disappointed by Kenny’s comments about Obafemi’s lack of playing time in recent weeks.

“I’ve talked to Michael and like everything else, there are two or three sides to every story,” Kenny said this week. “Sure, Michael wants to play football and he wants to play with Swansea.”

Martin said: “I spoke to Stephen before he called, so I’m a bit disappointed by the comments. That’s what it is. There’s no agenda. He went too far with Ireland, hopefully he’s doing it brilliantly, hopefully he will do brilliantly for us.” When he comes back, it’s that simple.”

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Martin said there was “no personal issue with Michael,” adding, “We handle it brilliantly.”

“He just needs to restore the confidence from his teammates and from a group of staff and the rest of the club and the fans, the confidence that everyone has shown in him for a very long time. It’s that simple really, there are not three sides to the story,” Martin said.

He added: “All we do is try to help the players as best we can, and we try to be the best version of themselves as possible. And that’s not just on the pitch. It can’t be that, you play really well, but you can do whatever you want outside. The pitch, that’s not the culture here.It’s about showing up every day, and your teammates knowing what they’re going to get from you.

Michael Obafemi from Swansea.

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“Sometimes you need to go to the extra yard to retrieve something a little lost, if that makes sense.

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“When Michael is the Michael we know and love in the second half of last season, he certainly helps us, but we need everyone to help us, prepare to help us and that’s it.”

Meanwhile, Martin praised Ryan Manning’s contribution to Swansea and said he was disappointed for the versatile player that he had not been called up for Nations League matches.

“Ryan was great, I told Stephen what I thought of it when he asked me which players we had, but Stephen’s team, he can pick whoever he wants, but I’m disappointed for Ryan, he’s desperate to be involved,” Martin said. “It was really frustrating in the summer to go away and not be involved.

The Swansea coach said Manning has adapted well to moving from a left-half role last season to a left-back and left-back position this season.

“We definitely love working with Ryan. As a character, it’s great,” Martin said. “The way he trains. He had come a long way since he first entered the building. As a professional, as a character in how he acts every day. He’s a big character on the set, always laughing and joking, he’s one of the loudest you’ll ever hear. But when he trains he trains intensely now.”

He added, “I didn’t know much about Ryan when I first came here. I was told some things that weren’t overly complimenting or positive. Not about his personality, just about training and things like that. I joined one of my first courses Which we had here and immediately knew how brilliant a footballer he is, you can only tell.

“I said directly (to the staff), ‘We need to try and find a place for him in the team if we can get him to go.’ He’s been great for us since we both got involved. So the long answer is I’m disappointed for him but my selfish pleasure A bit because he can stay here and train hard and get ready for the next match.”