Three flights to Dublin have been canceled as a sign of respect for Queen Elizabeth

Three Lingus Airlines repatriation flights from Dublin to London, scheduled for Monday, were canceled as a sign of respect for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

100 flights will be canceled at Heathrow, with West London airport announcing today that 1,200 flights scheduled to take off or land on Monday afternoon will be disrupted “to avoid noise”.

The airport said it wanted to ensure that the skies over London calmed during two minutes of national silence as the Queen’s funeral in Westminster Abbey drew to a close before noon.

In a statement issued to independentAer Lingus has confirmed that three return flights from Dublin and one return flight in Belfast have been affected.

A spokesperson for the airline said: “As Her Majesty the Queen’s state funeral will take place on Monday 19 September, we have had to make some changes to our operations at London Heathrow, resulting in the cancellation of four return flights.”

“Due to the large number of flights we operate to London Heathrow Airport, we have been able to accommodate all customers with alternative Aer Lingus services on the same day, with minimal disruption to their travel plans.

“For any customers who are due to fly to/from London Heathrow on Monday 19 September and wish to rearrange their travel plans, they can change their flight booking free of charge via, our call center and social media channels.

“We apologize to all affected customers for any inconvenience they may have caused.”

The flights affected are:

  • EI160 / EI165 – Dublin – London Heathrow – Dublin
  • EI168 / EI169 – Dublin – London Heathrow – Dublin
  • EI176 / EI177 – Dublin – London Heathrow – Dublin
  • EI932 / EI935 – City of Belfast – London Heathrow – City of Belfast

British Airways – the airline worst affected – will cancel 100 short-haul flights due to the restrictions, while Virgin Atlantic said it will cancel four flights.

Ryanair does not fly to London Heathrow Airport.

The management at the airport has confirmed that no flights will be allowed to take off or land 15 minutes before the start of the silence period, until 15 minutes after it ends.

Departures and arrivals will also be stopped as the funeral procession and procession arrive at Windsor Castle, and diverted around the castle during a special family service Monday night.

“Passengers affected by these changes will be contacted directly by their airlines about their travel plans and options available to them. Passengers who have been notified of their flight cancellation and/or do not have a confirmed seat on the flight must have a confirmed seat on the flight,” a Heathrow spokesperson said.

Heathrow and Nats (the air traffic control provider) and airlines are supporting the ceremonial aspects of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral at Westminster Abbey and commissioning service at Windsor Castle on Monday.

“As a sign of respect, operations to and from the airport will be subject to appropriate changes in order to avoid disturbing noise at certain locations at specific times on Monday.”

Additional coverage by PA Media.