Tile publishes ‘Lost and Found’ QR code stickers to complement its hardware lineup • TechCrunch

after getting Sherlocked By AirTag from Apple and Exit to Life360 Late last year, Tile Tracker Lost Items launched a new product — and it’s not a device. Today, the company introduced new “Lost and Found” stickers, which are just QR code stickers that you can put on anything that might get lost. By scanning a QR code, anyone who finds the lost item can view the owner’s contact information and arrange for the item to be returned.

The company says this solution is designed for those items where using a Bluetooth tracker isn’t the right option, but it also serves as a way to introduce new users to the Tile where the stickers are marked with the company’s logo.

Tile has historically offered a variety of Bluetooth trackers in different shapes and sizes, including the Tile Pro, Tile Mate, Tile Slim, and Tile Sticker. This lineup offers more ways to track items than Apple’s AirTag offers, with some of its trackers designed to fit in wallets alongside your credit cards while others stick to something like a bike — perhaps in a discreet location, like under a bike seat. Meanwhile, AirTag can be difficult to use for these same needs.

But even with such a variety of devices, there are a number of objects that still cannot be easily tracked with a Bluetooth dongle.

For example, Tile suggests that the new stickers can be used for things like textbooks, musical instruments, sports equipment, earphone cases, travel mugs, and more.

To use the new stickers, Tile customers can choose which forms of contact information they want to share — it doesn’t have to be their home address, phone number, or email. Tile says they only have to choose at least one communication method to fill out the form. Those who are more concerned about privacy can create a virtual phone number or separate email for this.

The stickers could also help expand the Tile market amid growing concerns among people using Bluetooth trackers in general, following the launch of AirTag. Apple’s entry into the market has raised awareness of how small devices can be used in passive ways, Like chasing people or car theft. The poster does not present the same concern as it is just a way to share contact information. In other words, it’s not much different than putting your phone number on your dog’s tag, or even just creating your own lost and found DIY stickers that you print yourself at home.

Of course, Tile stickers would probably look nicer than those you might make yourself, with their colorful borders in shades of woodland, plum, and teal.

However, the price for a set of stickers (3 sheets with 15 stickers) is a little high at $14.99 – they are, after all, Just attachments.

“The addition of Lost and Found Labels to Tile’s portfolio of products strengthens our global network by making all important items searchable,” Life360 CEO Chris Hals said in a statement about the launch. “This is the first of many steps Life360 and Tile are taking together to make every day easier with ways to stay organized, connected to family members, and safe,” he added.

The stickers are available for sale on the Tile website, starting today.