Tipperary is the first Ireland to throw a winner by managing two big teams at his club

Last Saturday, JK Brackens’ interests in the Senior Tipperary Football Tournament ended by Upperchurch-Drombane in the quarter-final stage.

And on Sunday, the same two clubs meet in the final quarter-finals of the adult throwing tournament.

On top of JK Brackens in both symbols is the 2001 Tipperary All-Ireland tossing winner Eamonn Corcoran. Reconciling two managerial roles is a difficult task, but he feels it serves the best of the club and its players.

When Corcoran was president of the club, they decided to follow the Loughmore-Castleney model in appointing a senior director of throwing and football. It was the best way for the club to promote both symbols on an equal footing.

The role of Chairman of the Board of Directors was replaced by a dual management position at the beginning of 2020.

Corcoran has the same management team across the teams, with Andrew Kavanagh leading the throwing coach and Joe Hayes as their head coach for football. They act as delimiters in other symbols. Stephen Butler manages strength and conditioning, while Kevin Mullerian and Mickey Hyland are also coaches on both teams.

“I think it should be because at the end of the day there is well-being for the players [to consider]Corcoran says The42.

“I see in other clubs where you attract and attract players with your own agenda. Because if I was more than throwing the ball, I would have one focus, if I was more than football, I would have one focus.

“So both you manage the rest, recover and make both get equal chances. We’re also fortunate that all players play both symbols. It’s the way to get it. Everyone will have their own views on this, and I think we’ve seen progress in doing doing it this way.

“We went that way and we feel we’ve been relatively successful at that.”

Like Loughmore-Castleney, who completed the awesome Tipperary duo in 2013 and 2021, JK Brackens of the same playgroup works on both symbols.

“In fairness, Loughmore put a model out there where they got it right. They are last year’s dual boycott champions. I often use the phrase ‘Why can’t we be us?’ That’s what we follow, that’s our motto.

“We have to do what Loughmore has done well but we have to do it better to be successful. They have proven that it can be done, with roughly the same players playing both symbols as well.”

Football goalkeeper Copa Pepin is the only player across the board who is not a double player.

All the other players [play both] And they play pretty much the same placements which are pretty unique plus a lot of them,” Corcoran explains.

In fact, five of the six starting defenders play in the same positions in both symbols, backed by center back and county captain Paddy Cadell.

Paddy Cadel vs Chris Kramey from Dublin.

Source: Lorraine O’Sullivan / INPHO

Upchurch is in a similar situation as nearby Tipperary midfield clubs prepare for the second leg of their quarter-final fights.

JK Brackens, who reached the county finals in 2019, was “very disappointed” when his season ended early last weekend.

But Corcoran says it’s “nice to have a shift” in another big game to look forward to.

“We don’t use excuses if we win or lose, and we can’t get too high or frustrated,” he adds.

“Once we get into the pool after that, we can say we don’t feel sorry for ourselves. We have to refocus and get ready to go with the ejaculation now.”

It operates in a similar fashion in both sports, which means that the game plan does not change significantly.

“We play a great deal of off-the-shoulder running, and the guys have adapted to it well,” he says. “But we can change it, too.”

They were back in training last night as they looked to build on a surprising preliminary quarter-final win over Nenagh Éire Óg.

A dramatic rebound in the last quarter saw JK Brackens scrap from a seven-point deficit to claim the win, sending them into the club’s Tipperary SHC quarter-finals.

Their attack is led by Lyndon Fairbrother (0-10 against Ninagh) and Andrew Ormond (1-3), who were part of Tipperary’s victory over Little Ireland’s first and Under-20 team respectively.

The group stage draw with Loughmore-Castleney filled them with confidence as they took home the first bowling title in the Middle Division after beating Seamus Callanan Drom & Inch in July.

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“I’m lucky with the players we have,” Corcoran says. “They were really convinced by what we’ve done in the last three years in particular.”

“I still say we are a club that was only formed in ’92, so we have to create our own history. And these boys are determined to do it now and not wait for another group to come along.

“Where I would have felt when we played football in the past, the confidence was there, but maybe there wasn’t much in the throwing. But in the last two or three years, since we got to the first division, they have adapted really well to it.

“The pace is very different from what we used to play in the past. So they had to adapt to everything. You can see at the club level now that it is as professional as it was between the provinces 15 years ago. So there is a lot of lifestyles that the boys have to do, sacrifices and changes And in the fairness group that we have out there, they’ve all done that.

“From a throwing point of view, they are starting to have this belief that they can play and compete at the top table. Winning in the middle gives them the confidence to go ahead and do that.

“Then the victory over Nina was a huge boost from a confidence point of view. It’s the first time we are in the quarter-finals, to beat a team like Nenagh, it gives the players faith that we are good enough to compete.”

Colin O'Riordan

Colin O’Riordan in Tipperary.

Source: James Crombie / INPHO

JK Brackens is a rising force in both symbols. The club was only created 30 years ago with the subjects of Templemore, Colonor, and Killia joined in both symbols. In 2018 and 2019 they lifted their U21 A County football titles.

In 2019, they were also defeated in the first football decider and achieved promotion from the second division throw with the success of the Ó Riain Cup.

Plus, they’re proud to produce an NFL player Colin O’Riordan, who recently called up career time due to persistent hip injuries. The Football Monster 2020 winner is in regular contact with Corcoran and sends him a congratulatory message after the midway win.

For now, O’Riordan appears set to stay in Australia, and Corcoran says the club is very proud of his accomplishments as he weighs his next move.

“We wish him all the best there. It’s unfortunate that an injury ended his career there, but I think we all paid a lot of attention with Colin. On a juvenile level for the club, he was our key man who featured in both symbols, throwing and football.

“He was fantastic and obviously any player who gets the chance to play the sport professionally, that’s what we all dream about and Colin got the chance. It’s a pity he was cut. But I would say he probably wasn’t expecting his career to end there, so for now Perhaps he was just evaluating the next steps in his life.

“Everything he does I hope it works. He’s that kind of person if he comes back he will be welcomed with open arms. If he stays there, I hope it really works out. But whatever he does, Colin will make it through life.”