Tricks to delete indelible Windows files

It has always been said that the administrator has access to all computer operations, whether it is in Windows or in any other system. However, there are some things that the administrator himself faces, and therefore they can be very frustrating. Sometimes it is difficult Delete certain files system which can be a number of reasons. But, yes; For this there is a solution.

Windows prevents some files from being deleted

It sure happened to you at some point: you’re going to delete a document or file a file A window appears stating that it cannot be deleted because it is in use. How is that possible? If you have closed all open programs. Normally, when you are working on a file or document, you cannot delete it because it is in use.

And then you have to close the programs you are using at that moment for it Delete the mentioned file. This is usually indicated by the fact that it is in use, that it cannot be accessed, or that the file does not exist.

This may be, for example, due to the presence of the file in some situations Used by basic programs Like Windows Explorer, which prevents its removal. If using Task Manager is unsuccessful, you can get rid of those pesky files and forcibly delete them by completing the process manually…or by downloading free and simple apps.

What can we do

What do you do to beat these rogue files? an actHow to make Windows understand That you want to delete a file even if some process is kept in the background?

The best we can do in this case is Force delete From a file where, as we will see, we have the following solutions at your disposal. If the Windows error message tells you what caused the error, use the corresponding method. On the other hand, if the reasons are not clear, there are some tips and tricks that can help you.

Close all programs

In most cases, it is not possible to delete a file in Windows (or macOS, this) is very simple. file still open or another program that uses it. Follow these steps:

Check to see if the file is open in any programs, such as Microsoft 365 Word. If you know which program is responsible, close the open file or close the entire program. If you do not know the program, close all tasks. For this, open the task manager with the following Windows shortcut: [Ctrl] + [Mayús] + [Esc] . Close all programs by right-clicking and end the task in active processes. Be careful not to close Windows Explorer or Task Manager. You should now be able to delete the files without any issues.

Delete an already deleted folder

Can’t delete a file or folder and get the error message “Item not found”? This is usually due to a browser error. To solve the problem, restart explorer.exe.

Open the task manager with [Ctrl] + [Mayús] + [Esc] . Locate the Windows Explorer task, right-click on it and click End task. In the task manager, click File in the upper-right corner, then click Run new task. In the Create a new task window, type C:Windowsexplorer.exe and click OK.

Use Command Prompt

If using File Explorer does not guarantee that we will delete the file we want, another option we have is to use File System Code To try to erase what bothers us. You can also follow these steps:

Windows icon

We navigate to the file we want to delete using File Explorer. Now we click on the file to select it and then right click and select Copy as path. This will allow us to copy the full location of the file. At this time we Journalism Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog box. Once it exits, we will type cmd and click OK. Now we will type Del, Space and press Control + V keys so that the file path we selected earlier is copied. Once you’re done, all you have to do is hit Enter, so the file is deleted at that very moment. If it works, we’ll just see another command prompt. It may happen that another application is using the file, so we will receive a message telling us that the file cannot be deleted.
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