Trisha Yearwood Brings Fans Inside Her and Garth Brooks’ Ireland Trip

Country singer Trisha Yearwood took to Twitter to bring fans inside and her husband Garth Brooks’ ‘dream’ trip to Ireland.

Saw Saturday night Gareth He finished the fifth and final show of his Croke Park stay in a show that ran out completely at the GAA House with another thrilling performance.

With Ireland slowly recovering from Garth fever, Trisha seems to be just as pensive about this experience as the rest of us.

Country singer Trisha Yearwood took to Twitter to bring fans inside and her husband Garth Brooks’ ‘dream’ trip to Ireland. Photo: Twitter.

Trisha shared photos of the couple’s travels through Ireland during their five-day break Gareth Third and fourth Crocker gig.

Ireland, it was a dream trip! Thank you for taking us all into such a family.

Trisha and Garth made the most of their time in Ireland, and took advantage of the landing period to explore some of the regional parts of the country.

Staying in Kerry for several nights, the famous couple took a trip to Glendalough to tour one of Wicklow’s most scenic spots.

Never to go off the radar, Garth brought his wife to meet members of the Monster rugby team in Limerick and even participated in a Dingle pub during their travels.

Fans flooded the replies to the tweet to wish Trisha well after her spell in Ireland and to share some of their memories from his historic Croc Park concerts.

Garth and Trisha explore the countryside of Ireland during their vacation from Croker carriages. Photo: Twitter.

Someone said: Absolutely amazing! I’m so glad you and @garthbrooks had an amazing trip! So glad you got home safely! I love you!’

Another added: ‘Nice to see you at the Saturday Nights Show!! you are attractive! Send lots of love your way.

While someone tweeted: “I made a trip abroad for this once in a lifetime trip and am so grateful I did. Ireland is an amazingly beautiful country full of the kindest people. It was such a blast to explore and see you for 2 shows. It was electrified.

Garth Brooks
The celebrity couple toured Glendaloo last week. Pic: Bureau of Public Works/Facebook

Speaking before his final show on Saturday, Garth quipped that he would be returning to Ireland as soon as possible having finally started playing in the Irish capital again.

Once you’ve tasted it, as you did with these five offerings, you’ll want to get back here fast enough. What you guys give to an artist like me in Ireland you can’t get anywhere else on the planet.

Wherever I go from now on, I will talk about one thing: Ireland, Ireland, Ireland. As someone who does this for a living, I would love any opportunity to play here.

Garth Brooks
Garth finished the last of the five best-selling Croc Park concerts on Saturday night. Pic: GMCD

The “Friends in Low Places” singer doesn’t mind where he plays next, the main thing for Garth is that he plays in front of his Irish fans again.

“If it’s the point, I’m in. I just love this place. I just want to play here, that’s all I want to do. If it’s in the middle of a field somewhere, I just want to play, because what you guys give an artist you can’t Get it anywhere else on the planet.

“Any chance to play here, I would love it,” he told reporters.