TV review: Like the late Queen, Great British Bake Off made the virtue of resemblance

I actually prefer the programs that were recorded before the death of “You Know Who”. They seem to be the only link we have now for what television normally is. Even Gogglebox’s return on Channel 4 seemed odd because although it was taped before The Death, there were no ads during the breaks, just promotions for other Channel 4 shows. This made Channel 4 look like RTÉ.

Death hit TV schedules in particular. The start of the new season of Strictly come dance postponed for a week; What do these people think? Delay strictly It is worse than paying Christmas in July.

So thank God The Great British Bread (Channel 4, Tuesday), whose thirteenth series set off from a British heatwave fire, was made from a sunny tent in the Berkshire countryside, because it was taped at a time before the cost-of-living crisis hit, and when Queen Elizabeth II was still at Balmoral .

Like the late king, undo Made a virtue prediction. The referees are the same, the competition is the same, even the competitors are pretty much the same.

Ribes of Northern Ireland was devastated when her red velvet cake – multi-layered, with cream cheese frosting – was announced. She had to take a moment. She spoke to herself: “Panic for losers. I think I’m going to get sick.” Then she fought back with the model, a piña colada-flavored model for her parents’ home in rural Northern Ireland. And it’s a great concept when you think about it. We’ve soaked it in a drizzle of coconut syrup, to signify a Northern Irish rain. only if.

Then there was Janusz, who filled out the hilarious aliens he took in the previous series Giuseppe and my favorite, Jurgen. Like them, Janusz proved to be a great baker. For his show, he recreated the bleak apartment building in Poland where his mother lived. He said that you could always tell which apartment his mother was, because her balcony was ablaze with roses. No wonder he is such a good cook: food is about the importance of little pleasures. Janusz’s cake won the series’ first Star Baker award. Or, as he described it himself in a joyful phone call to an anonymous loved one: “I won a Star Caker at Bake Week.”

As you’ve gathered, for the showstopper challenge, competitors had to build a replica of their own home. But in fact, many of them chose to build the house of their parents or grandparents. Pay it all undo Experience further on the path towards nude nostalgia. Sandro (a strawberry sponge dipped in alcohol) had brought a sweet picture of himself with him as a small child, sitting next to a giant doll that was a Christmas present. His recreation of Nana’s home, where the extended family spent many Christmases, was called the best time ever. “Now I can hardly get my socks up,” Sandro said. Being a bad adult. Then Pro Leith ruined the best time ever for being too heavy for booze.

So, we had good times and we had bad times undo. My only problem with that remains is co-hosts Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas, who, like Matt Lucas himself, court each other relentlessly. However, everything is backed by frivolity, or at least backed by cake. Surely we can all say, with Janusz: “Cake is my favourite.”


12 hour shifts: Mark Dunay with his wife Debbie

smash RTÉ One was a completely different dish. It’s hard to say how welcoming the Irish public will be to watching, with some taking to Twitter to suggest things were frustrating enough for now.

RTÉ clearly believes smash Very important because it was promoted until the moment it started. (RTÉ, this is very annoying – please stop.) But as a program, smash It was not successful. On the other hand, it’s hard to believe that people are really broke when at least two families owned huge SUVs. On the other hand, it was shocking to see Mark Donay trying to raise a family of three as a security officer who earns just over €11 an hour.

The Dawnays seemed like a lovely family – they just sat together and played cards – and his kids miss Mark when he works his 12-hour shifts, overtime and weekends out of four.

Today’s video

The saddest section in smash That was when Mark’s son, Connor, who had studied archery at Mark’s suggestion, and proved very good at it, was invited to travel to an international competition. Connor had originally wanted to practice swordsmanship, but that would have cost 100 euros. Archery 3 euros per lesson. Mark, who was worried about him, said Connor’s confidence had grown a lot since he took it. He will have to travel to international tournaments with Connor, the coach said. It will cost 1500 euros. Mark didn’t say anything. It was a small moment. More Ann bought her heating oil in little casks from her local garage in Baltinglass, than from a food bank in Dundalk, said it all, very quietly.

Probably smash He could have done better if he had only focused on Dawnays. Everyone else became blurred, not just because every single one of them was white. There were no explanations. There were no hard questions about debt, for example.

The ads during the program were for Tesco’s F&F clothing, which is cheap. But also for AIB (“We Insure”), auto insurance, Lindt Lindor Salted Caramel (“Attainable Luxury”) and GAA (“Where We All Belong”). In the end, you haven’t really learned anything. Except maybe for the reason we don’t do better at fencing – or archery.