What on earth is going on with Square Enix?

Photo: Nintendo Live

If you even take a quick look at release schedule Over the next six months, you will notice that there are a lot of games to be released. If you look closely, you will discover that maybe 50 of them are from Square Enix. And that’s only on Switch!

We’re exaggerating, of course, but it’s hard to ignore the company’s massive production over the next few months — and for the whole of 2022, really. We’re not going to list every single release of the 2022 Square Enix Switch here because that’s going to take up a lot of space (although you can check out every single release here). Games here, or scroll to the bottom of this article). However, from September through next year, Square Enix is ​​developing and/or publishing 13 games on the Switch alone. Phew! And of course, we include PowerWash Emulator In this.

Look, we’re not complaining – it’s really amazing to see Square Enix put away so many titles, and it looks like we’re in another golden age with Square and Nintendo, just like the days of the NES and SNES. but with September Nintendo DirectOur jaws can’t help but fall with each new Square Enix announcement.

We’ve got release dates for two titles, a demo for another, and the reveal of two new brands in The final bar line of the rhythm And the Octopath Traveler II In February 2023. On other platforms, Square Enix also owns Final Fantasy XVI Coming out next summer. Above everything else! How did this happen?

Well, we said development and publishing, and Square Enix isn’t just one big studio either. Next year’s Final Fantasy title, for example, is being developed by Creative Business Unit III – the team behind the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. And it’s the same for many upcoming Switch titles.

There are multiple development teams within Square Enix each working on a small list of different titles. Octopath Traveler II is developed by Acquire, the creators Tenchu The series, in association with Square Enix Business Division, with Bravely default Producer Tomoya Asano returns to head the project. Fans often describe these games – bravely Serials and HD-2D games – works of the Asano team. different daily life It also falls into this category, although the recently released Switch port actually originated on Apple Arcade and was developed by DokiDoki Groove Works.

You also have a list of ports or adapters coming to the console, such as Yoke: automatic – Developed by PlatinumGames and now running Powered by Virtuos – Yasumi Matsuno returns to supervise Ghoul Tactics: Reborn. Then there is the belated life is strange The collection published by Square Enix.

Lots of studios, both internally and externally, are helping develop or bring Square Enix titles to the Switch as well. Indieszero is back in action on the new Rhythm game and The DioField ChronicleReal time strategy comes from Lancars, the team behind it Zanki Zero: The Last Beginning And the monarch.

Of course, although a large part of them are adjacent RPGs or RPGs, they are all very different from each other. people who pick up at harvest It won’t necessarily be the same crowd that wants Octopath Traveler II, and DioField Chronicle is different enough from Tactics Ogre – which also has nostalgia on its side – to stand out. And even if you love your own Final Fantasy music, Theatrhythm might not be for you! *

All of these releases follow a recent statement from the company, which indicates that Square will be looking at To sell shares in some of the remaining studios After declining profits in the first quarter of fiscal year 2023. The Japanese company also sold a large number of its Western studios to Embracer Group, with Final deal back in August.

So, the company got a little more money to play with. But the truth is that a lot of these upcoming projects may have been in development for a while – July live alive It took three years to develop a new edition, for example.

Much to the dismay of many fans, Square Enix has also jumped into the realm of NFTs, launching The list is based on Final FantasyBeside Join the blockchain – They are all environmentally friendly, it seems. Company President Yusuke Matsuda was not shy Recognize his interest in NFTsMuch of the company’s profits have been invested in it. So maybe Square Enix is ​​trying to hide that from us gamers by throwing dozens of games at us, truly?

Probably not, but although the company does not seem to understand consumers on the one hand, on the other hand it pumps demos to many of its releases. As far as back to Dragon Quest XI S. and the first Octopate TravelerEven Harvestella and the exclusive PlayStation console Valkyrie ElysiumThese demos work greatly for Square, enabling people to try out the game before they buy it. Not only that, these demos allow us to move our save file to the full version, which means that when we decide to buy the full game, we cut back a few hours of playing time ahead of schedule. result!

Square Enix isn’t going to slow down any time soon, we’re sure. There are a few projects we haven’t heard about in a while and a couple of Japanese releases just like the visual novel Emotional itemsBut we? We’ll be feasting for a while. triangle strategy And Live A Live are two of the best games released on Switch this year, and there are some high-quality titles on the horizon (well, we hope). We just feel little bit Plunged amid a very crowded slate in the last months of 2022, especially for fans of RPGs.

But that’s not all about us! Vote in our polls below and tell us what you think of the Square Enix production right now. Is it a Blizzaga-style wave of overwhelming proportions? Or are you as elated as Chocobo when you see all these toys come out? Oh, and don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments, too.

* This is not realistically true, because the rhythm of the stage is for absolutely everyone. Play it now.