When will Janine Butcher be arrested?

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East EndersJanine Butcher has been back to her old tricks for a while now, and it has caused nothing but misery for her long-suffering darling rival, Linda Carter.

Mick and Janine become an item earlier this year, but she felt increasingly threatened by the strong relationship he still shares with his estranged wife Linda.

and for this, Janine manipulated everyone In Albert Square framing Linda for their June car crash.

Thanks to Janine’s machinations, Linda mistakenly believed that she had caused the accident by sitting behind the wheel in a drunken state. After suffering from amnesia, Linda was unaware that Janine was involved.

Recently, Linda lost custody of her daughter Annie, after another one of Janine’s cruel games. But the question we all ask is…

When will Janine Butcher be arrested?


East Enders The Chiefs haven’t given an official end point to Janine’s ongoing deception yet, but we know from it More advanced teasers The story will gain more momentum as we approach fall.

It seems that the main key to Janine’s downfall who – which A picture that owes for all to see in Carter’s kitchen. Obliviously, Frankie snaps a photo of Olly, unaware that Janine is getting rid of her clothes from the night of the accident in the background.

Janine also faces some potential obstacles in the form of her daughter Scarlett – who would Thinking of telling Linda the truth next week’s episodes.

Scarlett Moon, Janine Butcher, Eastender


Scarlett immediately became suspicious of her mother’s actions in the hours after the accident, and she was It harbors its dark secret since then. Next week’s scenes could see that starting to change though Scarlett discovers the photo in The Vic, and requests to speak to Linda.

Although Scarlett has changed her mind about her mother’s intrusion into her, her words are enough to get Linda’s attention. Scarlett and Linda meet again later, causing Janine to panic, but will the schoolgirl really betray her mother by revealing everything?

Charlie Brooks – who plays Janine – previously said, “I don’t think she thinks her daughter would do it again. I think that’s a slight concern in the back of her mind because she doesn’t really know her child.”

“She’s probably going through a lot of guilt because she doesn’t know how to deal with it, so she’s pushing him down because she can’t get to those feelings. I think it’s a faint fear in the background.”

It remains to be seen if this will mean Janine caught on earlier than we thought, but it looks like the story will run a little longer anyway, as it heads towards Danny Dyer’s explosive exit as Mick.

What’s next in Janine’s story?

Janine Butcher, Mick Carter, Eastender


The next big chapter in Janine’s story began last night when I found out she was pregnant During a trip to A&E.

Janine sparked concern after breaking down at home, after appearing visibly ill throughout the episode.

Janine’s unexpected news will put her in a dilemma, who initially chooses to stay away from her partner Mick. To make matters more complicated, the development comes just as Linda decides to be honest about her own feelings for Mick – who, fans know, still holds a vulnerable spot for her too.

Janine, Linda Carter, Mick, Eastender


That’s not all, because the story also piles up with the return of Janine Ricci’s brother Sid On replays his role briefly.

Talking to digital spy And other media in East Enders At the press conference last month, show president Chris Clinshaw discussed future plans for the story.

He explained, “Ricky is going home. Janine is here, and she’s in a relationship with Mick and we’re building something very climatic between them.

“Janine finally got her everything in Mick and the Vic, but we all know how strong the bond between Mick and Linda is and that the love between them is really deep. But then we know what Janine looks like and what she’s capable of.

“I’m not going to give away how Ricky comes back, but it does play a part in Janine’s story.”

How does Mick leave and when?

Mick Carter, Janine Butcher, Eastender


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Janine’s antics likely set the stage for Mick’s unmissable departure later in the year, though the exact details of this remain a closely guarded secret.

Danny has played the bar owner since 2013, but it was announced earlier this year that he will be leaving Albert Square with a huge story planned for his departure.

Back in June, Danny revealed that the end was near Still in negotiations Regarding how Mick’s journey ended.

“There are two months left and I have not taken this decision lightly. I am still in debate about how we will end, there are still negotiations about how this will happen, and what the authorities should think about,” he said. common (via Evening Standard).

“We may never see Mick again, but it will be an epic ending, I think I want to put a total end to the work. It’s been a great 10 years I’ve had, it’s a third of my career but I am ready to move on.”

In another interview, Danny raised the possibility of Mick Kills In a shocking development.

“There was a discussion about what we would do. I might get killed, and I might not,” he said. the sun.

“I just want to go out in a huge, epic way. I don’t want to be in the back of a cab, I don’t want a heart attack because of high cholesterol. I want to get out and I want to get people talking about it. So yeah, it’s going to be huge.”

Are Janine and Linda leaving too?

Janine Butcher and Linda Carter in Eastender

Jack Barnes / Kieron MacaronBBC

There was no word on Janine’s future in the arena once Mick left, but she would definitely have some fairly big bridges to build if she did. There is also a question mark over whether she will face legal charges once the truth of the incident inevitably comes to light.

For Linda, Kelly Bright has recently confirmed They will remain at Wolford for the foreseeable future.

Addressing Danny’s exit, Kelly said, “He’s my best friend here – we’ve been together from the start and I’m really going to miss him. He wants to do other things and I support him as a buddy, but same time, it’s sad for me.”

When trying to imagine Linda’s future without Mick, Kelly added, “Hand in hand. I have no idea what the show planned for Linda after Mick’s gone — I didn’t ask and feel like I couldn’t quite there yet.”

“I want to enjoy the rest of my time here with Danny and we are so busy. I don’t feel the need to look that far yet. They may decide that Linda doesn’t work without Mick one day!”

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