Wolf Hall writer Hilary Mantell has died at the age of 70

HarperCollins announced that writer Hilary Mantel passed away “suddenly but peacefully” surrounded by family and close friends.

The British writer has won the Booker Prize twice, first for her 2009 novel wolf hole And again to supplement her, fetch the bodiesIn 2012.

Her publisher, HarperCollins, said in a statement that she passed away on Thursday “suddenly but peacefully” among close relatives and friends.

They added, “Hilary Mantell was one of the greatest English novelists of the century, and her beloved works are considered a modern classic, and she will be greatly missed.”

In a Twitter post, they said it was a “devastating loss” and that they “would only be grateful that she left us with such a wonderful job” as they sent their thoughts to her family and friends.

Bill Hamilton, Mantel’s agent at literary agency AM Heath, said working with her was a “great privilege”.

He said, “Her wit, stylistic audacity, creative ambition, and formidable historical outlook make her one of the greatest novelists of our time.

“She will be remembered for her tremendous generosity to other emerging writers, her ability to impress a live audience, and the enormous range of journalism and criticism, resulting in the production of some of the best commentaries on issues and books.

“Emails from Hillary have been sprinkled with kind jokes and jokes as she watches the world with amusement and pounces on laziness or silly, cruelty and prejudice.

“There was always a slight aura of another world around her, as she saw and felt things that we ordinary mortals would miss, but when she realized the need for confrontation, she would fight the battle fearlessly.

And all against the background of chronic health problems that she dealt with rigorously.

“We will miss her immeasurably, but as a shining light for writers and readers, she leaves an extraordinary legacy. Our thoughts go to her beloved husband Gerald, his family and friends.”

Finished by Mantell wolf hole trilogy in 2020 with publication mirror and light To critical acclaim, she won the Walter Scott Award for Historical Fiction, which she won for the first time Wolf Hall.

HarperCollins said the trilogy, which charts the rise and fall of Thomas Cromwell at the court of King Henry VIII, has been translated into 41 languages, with sales of more than five million worldwide.

It was later adapted for theater and screen, with the Royal Shakespeare Company producing the first two books in 2013.

The BBC has also adapted the story into a television series, which first aired on BBC Two in 2015, starring Mark Rylance as Cromwell.

Mantel has also published a number of other novels and short story collections over the years including Every day is Mother’s Day series and notes Abandon the ghostin 2003.

Longtime author Nicholas Pearson said the news of Mantell’s death was “devastating” to everyone who knew and worked with her because she praised her “unique world view.”

Pearson added, “As a person, Hilary has been kind, generous, loving, and has always been a great heroine for other writers. She has been happy to work with…

“It is unbearable for us not to enjoy her words anymore. What we have is a body of work that will be read for generations. We must be grateful for that. I will miss her and my thoughts are with her husband Gerald.”

She left behind her geologist husband Gerald McEwen.

Source: Press Association